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He has no particular record either of military prowess or of outstanding administrative ability.
In admitting graduate students, you look for promise and potential as much as prowess.
Depending on egos involved, you may cut yourself off at the knees if you go on and on about your prowess in that area.
His supple intellect, burgeoning political ambitions, and organizing prowess have garnered far less attention.
The color may also be linked to prowess in human athletes.
Of course, no serious player attributes his prowess to mere equipment.
Apple does not have the executive prowess to run a huge but unsuccessful company that is struggling.
The intellectual prowess melded with a willingness to be politically incorrect and say almost anything, anywhere.
She stood over six feet tall and had enough bulk and muscle to amaze audiences with her prowess.
Nothing, probably, considering the gastric prowess of pigs.
It will take corporations quite a while to match labor's prowess.
When every noble was a soldier, they were carefully bred to great personal prowess.
Among whom they give to one of tried virtue and prowess the rule, governance, and conduction of the whole army.
But instrumental prowess is no more or less primal than a three-chord crunch.
Ponzi's business drew in thousands of investors, bewitched by his supposed prowess.
He's said to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for guitar-playing prowess.
US agencies show their prowess in online category.
The state hosts many century rides for cyclists looking to demonstrate their athletic prowess.
On these slow-going wave trains, minimal paddling prowess will suffice.
Folklore to the contrary, their prowess does have limits.
Technical prowess in photography is both necessary and a potential pitfall.
It's truly amazing to witness the precision and prowess of a great white shark in action.
Whistler's allure reaches further than its racing prowess, however.
The fate of manufacturing is in some ways linked to our prowess in the physical sciences.
After the rubbery glue returns to cooler temperatures, it regains its former sticking prowess, albeit slowly.
Lets also not mix up scientific prowess with belief.
Possessed of intellectual prowess singularly monumental and loved by all who knew him.
The falloff in messaging prowess is particularly perplexing.
He was a youthful outcast with the prowess of a mature mathematician.
One indicator of prowess is how much a country's researchers publish.
Bank bosses peered enviously at the profits and risk-taking prowess of the venerable investment bank.
At a launch ceremony all the talk was of engineering and operational prowess.
He did so with biography and grit, not rhetorical prowess.
It was his blogging prowess that led to his job, and much of the job consists of blogging.
Merely counting pennies is no way to measure national prowess.
His fund-raising prowess forced her to make much more use of her husband than she had intended.
As such, they present a more accurate reflection of a nation's innovative prowess.
Its deposit-taking prowess rested on alluring interest rates rather than relations with customers.
It cannot grow out of trouble because of fiscal retrenchment and its lack of export prowess.
Critics have often questioned both firms' technological prowess.
The big test of their prowess will come when lax credit conditions tighten.
Home-grown academic prowess has so far proved an insufficient lure for foreign investors.
The predatory prowess afforded by jaws, he argues, was an evolutionary bonus.
Once again the little folk of the forest dance, sing, and feast on meat obtained through their hunting prowess.
My first reaction is to blindly hypothesize that our current technological prowess may distract us from the future.
The image of a brain dwarfed by its body conjures up dinosaurs, a group not exactly known for their intellectual prowess.
But don't get too smug about your marathon prowess, humans.
Further, your poor choice of venue bodes not well for your intellectual prowess.
If it works the same way in fish, that could help explain part of their navigational prowess.
These are enormous, timeless questions, and only recently has our technological prowess become equal to the task.
It gives riders a confidence-inspiring ride in nearly every situation, combined with uncanny climbing prowess.
From an early age, he demonstrated remarkable intellectual prowess.
For a species that prides itself on its athletic prowess, human beings are a pretty poky group.
But instead of parsing the sleep stats, he decides to run down a series of anecdotes about his own snoozing prowess.
Your sporting prowess has not yet translated into a lot of political success.
If you are trying to improve your mental or physical prowess, you'll only make progress with regular exercise.
You'll hear and read about daring deeds of prowess and abrupt twists of fate.

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