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Example sentences for provoked

One student probably wouldn't have provoked this reaction but three going out at the same time did.
Stingrays are fairly docile and typically strike only when provoked.
Thus far, such attacks haven't provoked a military response.
Haynes roared with laughter, satisfied that he'd at last provoked an honest expression.
Provoked by the professor's story, other faculty members have since engaged in a lively conversation about how to avoid his fate.
The puzzle is why the government has provoked this fight now.
Those things, combined with the horrors of living under occupation, could have provoked them to act.
But the huge towers and unsightly tree-cutting that these projects require have provoked intense public opposition.
The report provoked a range of responses from higher-education observers.
The rise of modern business provoked relentless criticism.
The deceit has provoked questions about faculty ethics.
The affair has provoked much agonised introspection.
The outrage which the episode has provoked is profound.
The antennas that are increasingly being tucked into church steeples have provoked particularly strong reactions.
It was unclear what provoked the dog, which was seized by animal control officers.
The sober language contrasted sharply with the mayhem it provoked.
Keep pushing the boundaries on privacy until an uproar is provoked.
There was something about the casual way she said it that provoked me to ask for a copy of the police report.
Dire distress provoked swift action, and that is morally excellent.
But challenge-response systems have provoked raging debate in technical circles.
The investment drive has not provoked such a strong reaction.
The grim national picture has provoked the government to unveil an exhaustive growth strategy.
Though they can be lethal, they do not tend to strike without being thoroughly provoked.
The study provoked varying reactions among evolutionary biologists.
But it has provoked uproar in every corner of the health industry.
He was provoked but is this the sign of real aggression.
The idea provoked fierce debate inside his tiny company.
Yet these artificial persons have always provoked worries, too.
Yet kicking the hornets' nest has provoked stinging turf battles, increasing the body count.
When they returned fire they provoked a furious response from protesters on the other side of the barricades.
Problems in making the system accessible to new members provoked complaints that the old ones did not want them in.
The reconsideration, which was provoked by criticism from the food industry, angered consumer advocates.
It was experiencing a spasm of virtuous reaction, quite as lawless and ungovernable as any of the acts that had provoked it.
The crisis provoked by this summer's floods suggests how far there is to go.
But the theory has provoked a backlash from other scientists.
Maybe a third rating for the depth of thought provoked by the story.
In this respect, there's less creativity and curiosity provoked in teaching math and science today.
Until suffragettes and gays provoked the status quo by standing up and telling the truth, as moral and forthright individuals.
He has provoked more interest-both good and angry-in food and restaurants than anyone ever.
But the country can move quickly when sufficiently provoked.
Nonetheless his partiality inevitably provoked resentment from some of those he neglected.
The other split provoked by the riots lies within the coalition government itself.
The leaks, in a country with a history of pollution disasters caused by careless miners, provoked an outcry.
Of the six new haptens, three successfully provoked the mice to make such antibodies.
Few other dating sites have provoked such a public backlash.
Interesting results that appeared to have provoked a range of reactions judging from reading some of the comments.
The defense's strategy has provoked accusations of unethical behavior and cruelty.

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