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Example sentences for provoke

No other flavor can provoke such an intense negative reaction.
Facing eyeball to eyeball is sure to provoke a fight.
The same malfunction can provoke high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, or epilepsy.
The mature questions that provoke meaningful free argument are sometimes crushed.
The launches and the threats they provoke do raise concerns.
These images provoke aha moments far more often than typed or verbal summaries.
The reactionaries seemed determined to provoke popular anger.
They think that this remembrance of their virtue and goodness doth vehemently provoke and enforce the quick to virtue.
Or something which does not provoke emotional response before people even get a chance to consider the topic.
These are not surprising since these are immune reactions, and the vaccine is supposed to provoke an immune response.
So they tried to do it in order to provoke people to violence.
The poster who was insulted personally in this way did not provoke.
It will naturally provoke reactions opposite to those intended-though probably unspoken, and beneath the official praises.
They heckled protesters entering the square in a similar way, trying to provoke a confrontation.
The current financial shocks could be salutary if they provoke serious review of what really matters on each campus.
And then he seems perpetually taken aback when his remarks provoke a backlash.
Satire is not a joke, it is an extremely useful way to provoke new, original thought and debate.
Sure, this will provoke surprised reactions, but that's because what you said makes little logical sense.
During the meeting, clarify its purpose and use evidence to add credibility and provoke conversation.
Unfortunately, what it often seems to provoke instead is great creativity in making excuses.
At some point extremists will try to provoke another war and the absence of a dialogue will only make things worse.
These proposals for health care and pension benefits are what would provoke a strike.
Still, such brilliant words and such brilliant music cannot but provoke and please.
And all provoke the host's immune system into activity, which diverts resources from other things.
But such apparently extra-judicial executions provoke three broad questions.
Almost all big media mergers provoke scepticism, given their troubled history.
If he presses ahead, he could provoke another bout of anger in the streets.
No doubt the inclusion of a few banking names in the list will provoke some mixed reactions.
Even so, this is unlikely to provoke a sudden crisis.
But there are two aspects of the proposals that might yet provoke a bigger backlash.
And then there is the indignation that penny auctions provoke.
Another is that he does not want to provoke a general strike.
The televised glimpses of waterboarding will provoke gasps among the audience.
The second, bigger, problem is the backlash they will surely provoke from protectionists and nationalists.
The announcement of redundancies seemed to provoke little enthusiasm among investors.
All they did, however, was provoke a backlash against out-of-state meddling.
That, in turn, will provoke extra capital flows to emerging economies.
All this suggests that the government is trying to provoke the opposition to violence.
In stalemated wars, preliminary talks often provoke fighting to improve negotiating positions.
Researchers have long known that eating refined sugar can provoke short-lived spikes in the body's insulin levels.

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