proviso in a sentence

Example sentences for proviso

The airlines supply the tickets with the proviso that consolidators not advertise which airline will supply the seats.
The only proviso is that the offence must carry a potential sentence of three years in prison.
It is to be sold with a proviso that the public can visit it one month a year.
The settlement includes a proviso allowing some farmers to argue for bigger damage payments before an independent arbitrator.
But a big proviso should be to insist on two broad principles: non-discrimination and openness.
The only proviso is that the recipient help someone else in need within the year.
But it should start from the proviso that one needs two hands to clap.
He agreed, with the proviso that the land be maintained by the school system as a memorial.
The proviso comes from the fact that, unlike gymnastics, it doesn't cloister itself in a nunnery of abstract exertion.
But there is a proviso: they must not alarm foreigners.
The budget proviso provided two million dollars for grants to local governments for alternatives to burning projects.
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