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They settled there, but around a fourth of the tribe died on the way, because they had no provisions over the winter.
Tribal communities, after all, have long made provisions for strangers.
It's practically impossible for a human nowadays to go live in the wild without any tools or provisions.
Certain outmoded provisions need to be revised so that businesses can raise capital more easily and efficiently.
Regulations can be limited to emerging technologies or could come equipped with phase-out provisions.
There are also provisions for private citizens to take legal action against the government to make sure the act is enforced.
He tied himself in along with his pellet gun and provisions.
The working plan includes provisions to decrease poaching and smuggling of the tigers and calls for more protected habitats.
The provisions in both bills are ridiculously easy to get around.
To offset some of these price increases, the budget includes provisions to use some of the auction revenue for tax relief.
Since then, industry lawyers have manipulated some of its provisions to extend patents far longer than the lawmakers intended.
They were survivors of a shipwreck on a life raft with limited provisions.
In my contract, there were certain provisions for memberships in clubs.
She ignores the fact that these conventions do not bind anybody to fight in their defense but merely to observe their provisions.
Although it is not without safeguards, critics contend some of its provisions go too far.
Nominal legal provisions calling for minimum wages and guaranteed rest days are routinely ignored.
Both countries' stimulus packages have provisions discriminating against foreign suppliers.
Or stricter buy-local provisions, say, could squeeze trade.
Many of their provisions, devised in an era of cold-war suspicion, have never even been used.
For a start, bilateral deals impose so much paperwork and bureaucracy on trade that companies rarely make use of their provisions.
There are other provisions that could keep him locked up for the rest of his life.
One of the biggest barriers has been the lack of well-enforced social security and health-care provisions.
Federal loans are subsidised, and they offer better forgiveness and repayment provisions.
Some proponents of bankruptcy reform want to attach similar provisions to the cram-down.
Bad-loan provisions are high too, reflecting the fact that consumer credit is concentrated among people who are already stretched.
The new ban, with only vague provisions on penalties for smokers or public venues that tolerate them, is barely being heeded.
Generous early-retirement provisions mean that many will leave their posts fairly soon.
Each has different regulations and provisions for camping.
They are stuffed with special provisions inserted by lobbyists and predatory politicians.
Restaurant employees tend gardens at their homes and bring in provisions.
Here's a description of two key health care provisions.
And because of its broad civil provisions, the statute has.
If he objected to the provisions, he kept his objections to himself.
Among their concerns are provisions that would weaken cyber-security for companies and hinder domain access rights.
Provisions in reforms would get many of the uninsured covered, though not all.

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