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It was also something about the particular nature of the characters-they are fairly provincial and limited.
Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, provincial, state and local laws and regulations.
Further, big oil exercises far too much influence over our provincial and federal governments.
There are local provincial governments that are in the business of making rugs.
The idea that there is one is at best wishful thinking, and at base a provincial conceit, a delusion rather than a policy.
If there is a discrepancy, the provincial government has the authority to amend municipal decisions.
The provincial governance is weak and does not interact with the public regularly.
At best this sort of exercise is a cute and provincial expression of conceit.
And how provincial is the exception made for popular books on mathematically-based sciences.
He did not talk of race or kindle the flames of provincial pride.
Culturally, the valley has always stood a bit apart from the world, provincial and proud of it.
On the road, they stopped at cathedrals and went to every museum of importance as well as smaller, provincial ones.
They were once pronounced to rhyme with ram and jam, but their pronunciation that way has begun to seem provincial and ignorant.
It was owing to his zeal that many provincial synods were also held for the same purpose in several parts of the empire.
It had a certain half-provincial dignity of its own.
Nine provincial parliaments, each of which appoints its own provincial governor.
The police have set up a specialist team of city and provincial officers to target the gangs.
The result is that mayors must constantly go cap-in-hand to the provincial and federal governments for money for capital projects.
The urbanites' general mental health did not differ from that of their provincial counterparts.
The provincial authorities launched a crackdown this week, but little is expected of it.
Yet provincial governments are also pushing to tap the region's rich resources.
The king may no longer appoint prime and other ministers, provincial governors and a host of lesser officials.
It remained provincial, highly regulated place of cod and political cronyism for much of the twentieth century.
As a provincial from a disreputable culture, she had trouble adjusting.
Also nearby, several provincial parks feature lakes and swimming beaches.
There are plenty of beaches in provincial and national parks, as well as near cities.
Three provincial governors-unable to coordinate initial relief efforts-had been replaced.
The game-ranch acreage is more than double the amount of land formally protected as national and provincial parkland.
The provincial elections due to be held by the end of the year could help bolster their position.
He had begun to enter provincial story contests and collect modest prize money.

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