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Links providing consumers with information on where to purchase, will also be included.
Numerous dwarf and variegated kinds are available, providing a rich array of choices for bonsai and rock gardens.
Flavorful ginger, garlic and a medley of spices produce a robust heat, while also providing an array of health benefits.
Instead, new developments are providing lavish common spaces.
Slender stems are yellowish green to bright green in winter, providing welcome color in cold climates.
Different restaurants take turns providing their fare.
Left in place ours stops slugs and snails from getting at the plants plus providing a great growing environment.
Care should be taken in amending the rule providing for a quorum.
Oil has supplanted forestry as the mainstay of the economy, providing a major share of government revenues and exports.
Another difficult problem was that of providing a satisfactory frame of civil government.
Economic activity is limited to providing services to military personnel and contractors located on the island.
Every reader must admire the skill displayed by the poet in providing a suitable form for the great variety of his matter.
But an animated discussion in regard to the manner and feasibility of providing for its wants at once sprung up.
Animals' natural defenses are providing inspiration for researchers developing the next generation of lighter, tougher body armor.
Each screen shows a virtual environment, providing a sense of three-dimensional vision.
Here's one response to the challenge of providing rural health care.
Freshwater ecosystems are essential for human survival, providing the majority of people's drinking water.
Instead, the heat radiates through the wall into interior rooms, providing long-lasting warmth during the nighttime hours.
Identifying future ocean leaders and providing them with communication tools to fulfill their promise.
Providing a long-term extension of the wind energy production tax credit.
But five years later, both are still moving, providing a bright spot at a tumultuous time for the space agency.
The satellite will also look for evidence of primordial gravity waves, providing theorists with more data to apply to their ideas.
Sustainability dashboards providing real-time information will become the norm.
They produce scads of potential outcomes, providing a view of the risk landscape.
The right to withdraw simply means that donors can stop providing samples at any time, he found.
What they pay should be commensurate with what the school is directly providing.
Personal commitment to collegial work style and providing exceptional member service and outreach.
Both nonprofit and for-profit colleges profit, usually handsomely, from providing online courses.
But colleges don't seem to be providing enough of them to meet the demand.
The goal was providing better information to students.
There were several postings awhile ago about efficiently grading student papers and providing comments.
Another idea, still in its infancy, is finding ways to tailor the story to the reader by providing different levels of detail.
The first sentence of the quoted text starts with a good idea, namely providing financial incentives for startups.
It announced that over the next few weeks it would indeed be providing funds to try to sort out the three-month market.
The first is the legacy built up over four centuries for providing citizens with quality journalism and credible information.
So in forward flight each rotor can produce an equal amount of lift on each side, thus providing balance.
But they are also under pressure to keep providing credit.
The state kept having to step in to play the role of providing some degree of public services where they weren't available.
The gas glut caused by the shale surge will be around for many years to come, providing abundant natural gas at falling prices.
He insists that providing more information can make government more efficient.
Besides providing the colour that makes reefs so attractive to the eye, these algae act as the coral's solar panels.
Bonus points for providing the logic behind your answer.
Providing high quality business education is expensive.
If you eat, you should be concerned about the people who are providing you with food.
It's also a terrific source of protein, providing more than any grain.
Late night and limited-edition burgers are also popular, the latter providing a built-in mystique at certain venues.
He says that people are more likely to leave a salary report than to write a company review, since providing salary is so easy.
Last month the police chief was fired after it was revealed that some of his officers were providing the plates.
Lemon juice is essential when this sauce is used to dress salads, providing the perfect bridge between green and dressing.
Their sisters look forward to long lives providing milk for cheese or fiber for yarn.
Over the course of the mission, we'll be providing daily updates.
Providing subsidies to businesses that hire new workers is one.
To the extent that there is any growth, business investment and exports are providing it.
Providing a path to legalization will benefit all of us.
Now imaging techniques are providing answers by following microbes on the move.
The regulatory difference between providing sequence information, and providing medical information, is enormous.
The running will boost your aerobic fitness and strengthen your leg muscles, providing benefits that transfer to other activities.
They are trying to understand why the universe is so benevolent, providing conditions that are nearly perfect for human life.
Still, he feels that some elements of the system are providing a useful test bed for future weapons.
Through this, homogeneity was maintained through the centuries, with geography providing safety and security.
The swallowed cell transferred many of its genes to its host, keeping only those involved in providing energy.
They add that the packaging can also be molded into different shapes, providing the best protection for delicate objects.
These smatterings of bryophytes are amongst the hardiest flora in the world, providing a home for a variety of minute life.
We didn't come close to providing additional civilian-aid workers that were called for in the original plan.
They drill for water in remote regions of these two countries, providing water and sanitation facilities.
They also include the cost of providing health care and disability payments for our returning troops.
They are committed to providing first-rate, loving care with an uplifting, familial ambience.
The light was still low, providing some bright glare off the lake and silhouettes of buildings.
The rural poor are rapidly adopting phones, so the technology could become a platform for providing banking services.
So far, however, these apps have been mainly limited to providing directions.
It's also necessary to add hydrogen, which helps in part by providing the energy needed to drive the reactions.
We have many service providers providing wireless broadband services.
They could also be used in neural prosthetics, providing electrodes far more sensitive than those currently used.
It's a much better plan, providing much better protection.
So the school started providing a meal and extended its filtered-water supply to the village.
Providing easy, online access to government information on food and human nutrition for consumers.

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