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For the rest of us, the vague contours are provided in the morning paper.
These employers have provided in-depth profiles full of information for prospective candidates.
It provided a cheap source of calories and was easy to cultivate, so it liberated workers from the land.
But few of the fossils have provided direct evidence of the evolutionary changes that led to flight.
For billions of years the sun has steadily provided vast amounts of energy.
Steel cables stretched over the giant pylons provided support until the arch was completed.
Low-profile storage is provided underneath the windows so to not obstruct the view.
Plus, our model featured a large sturdy flap that provided excellent protection and a neck snapping color pattern.
Parent volunteers had set up the breakfast, which was provided by the school cafeteria.
Water is too precious to be provided by the market, they argue.
Even so, no one had studied their sounds in water or provided good evidence for the barks' evolutionary role.
Butler found them work, established camps and provided food, clothing and wages.
Please help us achieve our goals by using the appropriate containers provided throughout the event.
The value provided to consumers almost certainly outweighs the small potential risks.
Although these groups may have formed due to social reasons, they also would have provided some protection from predators.
The growers also provided their strategies and tips for coaxing as many blossoms as possible out of every bed.
It has provided a lexicon of proteins, including many previously unknown ones.
Crucial provided equipment for cleaning oil from wildlife.
It flaked easily and provided the basic material for complex tools.
But the stuff inside the tube is still fairly brittle, and the flexibility provided by the silver only partially overcomes this.
On more than one occasion he provided additional information about the tomb complex and its contents.
Thankfully he is provided with an extra uniform soon afterwards.
That, however, only provided the researchers with a two-dimensional map of such concentrations of matter.
Recently the rings have provided clues to ancient climates.
When rolled behind a saddle, it provided a striking ornament.
The honey he's provided will sweeten the elderberry sauce for the honey-sweetened frozen yogurt we'll be having for dessert.
Each new city brought its own administrative structure, which in turn provided new jobs and the right to tap federal funds.
The accord provided a way for countries to make public, if non-binding, commitments on climate change.
Please check that you have used the full link provided in the email sent to you.
Evaluated and provided consultation services for mentoring component of a state funded grant.
As the holidays approach, so do tasty treats laden with calories, many of them provided by fat.
Each text message, sent or received, may incur a charge as provided in your rate plan.
UN troops have provided engineering help and heavy equipment to carefully uncover buried artwork.
Provided feedback and direction on clinical work, case management, and case conceptualization.
We moved every two days by dugout canoe and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tent and mattresses provided.
The concept even works for visible light, provided in this diagram by a horizontal laser.
The attorney-general's ruling that there was no evidence of wrongdoing merely provided face-saving cover for his inevitable exit.
At the sanctuary the apes are provided with a variety of activities to stimulate their intellect and curiosity.
And it pulled off the feat with energy provided by the solar cells that coat its single, curiously-shaped airfoil.
Jackrabbits, quail, and bighorn sheep provided meat.
He provided a kind of sanctuary that was both professional and personal.
In theory, shareholders should earn the best returns over the long term provided profits keep growing.
It enables people to ask questions, the answers to which are served up from a database provided by other users.
No dishes to clean as every meal and snack will be provided.
More information is provided at the bottom of this page.
They were discovered to be radioactive, and the resulting vegetable garden provided eaters with special powers.
It contains diamonds from dozens of supernovas and amino acids that could have provided the raw materials for early life forms.
But the evacuation provided a rare test of one of the plans to get the crew to safety if the station is struck.
But in the early days of the uprising, the unrest provided a window of opportunity for looters.
Local stores provided wallpapers while friends made bathtubs and water bowls for the family pets.
He taught me a lot and he provided me with excellent recommendation letters.
The power to convert the two membranes into cathode or anode can be provided either via a dynamo or via solar panel.
The past two weeks have provided a perfect illustration of the markets' frantic footwork.
Tiny steps in the direction of tort reform are also provided for.
Instead, a bare-bones service will if necessary be provided by a private firm.
So the closure is a timely reminder of the extent to which the world economy is tied to services provided to mankind by nature.
In return he gets the metals at bargain prices to sell abroad-provided he can.
Yet mergers and downsizing have provided only temporary relief.
Most liquidity services can now be provided by interest-bearing media, and retail transactions are largely done with credit cards.
Use the provided answer key to discuss students' observations and predictions.
Read aloud the directions and go over the provided answer.
Use the provided answer key to check students' completed worksheet for accuracy.
Use the provided answer key to facilitate the discussion.
Write the trophic levels and definitions listed below on the board, leaving off the examples provided.
Honeybee hives have long provided humans with honey and beeswax.
Use the provided answer key to review students' completed maps for accuracy and all essential elements.
If a compound useful to science is found, the financial benefits will flow back to the network that provided the initial samples.
It has adapted well to urban development where sufficient cover is provided.
Wolves at the center are provided with food, but wild populations generally hunt in packs.
Previous researchers had provided lists of similar-sounding and look-alike words, but their methods were unscientific.
Both sets of veins are provided with valves, which are more numerous in the deep than in the superficial set.
For they have provided me not only with much indispensable information, but with something even more precious-an example.
Here are three types, the common factor being that the music always provided the pattern for the words.
The principal comic scene is provided by a foolish knight receiving lessons in geography from his tutor.
Provided, of course, he does not leave to escape his obligations and avoid having to serve his country in the hour of need.
The old beggar was permitted to enter, and provided with a portion from the table.
If it is desired to permit the suspension of any by-law it should be specifically provided for.
Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization.
He would tie it inside the shreds of clothing his captors provided, or tuck it away beneath a bunk slat at night.
Not only would this have provided viewers with a little more context, but it might have resulted in a better overall show.
After the curator talk, you'll have the chance to create your own work of art-materials provided.
Participants will have their own chance to create memorable ornaments with materials provided by the museum.
We have provided handheld video cameras to multiple players, who will capture the untold stories of spring.
HP said the device would be available later this year, but provided no details on pricing, availability or specifications.
Prior to the warming, this geographic area lacked trees and provided only sparse forage.
On other trials, the brand labels were also provided.
In practice, it is a group of interacting technologies that matter, and that can be provided simultaneously.
Until now, lack of regulation has provided little incentive for the others to clean up.
They not only provided a magnificent last course, but they served also as the decorations.
Its slow cooking provided another economy in that it broke down cheaper, tougher cuts of meat for tastier, less expensive meals.
But it must have provided a bond for editors and readers, in much the manner of kids' secret-society codes.
In this case, lenders are being provided cover for refinancing.
So the health care delivery system is based on employer provided insurance.
But services were the bigger reason for the boost provided by consumer spending.
Presumably the same nations would have to pay as would if a more straightforward bailout was provided.
The bag, while it kept heat in and allowed some moisture to escape, provided no protection for the pizza's face.
The core and the tempo of the music are provided by the kick drums and snare drums of disco, often without the high hat.
It's a horror scenario, but one that's mounted without the trashy thrills provided by lesser moviemakers.
It has also provided suggestive insights into the physiological cause of such mystifying syndromes as synesthesia and autism.
And once again it was a televised debate that provided the next turning point in the plot.
Some nineteenth-century vintages still taste delicious, provided they have been properly stored.
Four weeks of nearly continuous tracking provided the basis of an indictment and subsequent conviction for drug trafficking.
For games, the researchers examined the ratings provided from critics.
The discovery provided an occasion for renewed calls to change government policies to promote drilling of domestic oil.
The cooling is normally provided by water that is pumped into the core using electricity.
Such vertiginous visual effects can now be generated on the cheap from live images provided by stationary video cameras.
Until now, it was the only global model that provided specific intensity forecasts of hurricanes.
While causing many problems, none provided any significant benefit.
The hydrogen could someday be provided by renewable sources of energy, he said, and nobody would have to make any sacrifices.
During the day, illumination is provided from outside.
Information provided will be verified when redeeming a prize.
Other seagoing mammals probably have a part to play too, provided that they feed at depth and excrete near the surface.
In theory, nature has provided astronomers with a measuring stick they can use to gauge cosmic distances to high precision.
But these systems only provided small amounts of silk proteins, and would be expensive to scale up.
If the platform was covered in sandpaper, which provided a good grip, the agama could angle its body perfectly.
She suggested that the appendix provided a net evolutionary benefit.
The middle ground might be more of a problem electorally, but it's impossible to tell on the information provided.
The renewable gas won't smell bad or function any differently than the gas already being provided to customers' homes.
But no such justification was provided at the time, nor has any been provided since.
For many decades this model was incredibly important, as it provided a foil with which to challenge the big bang theory.
She has the right strategy provided it's an even money bet.
The crash produced a plume of material that provided evidence of water ice on the moon's surface.
Both organisms live on shed skin flakes, secretions, and bacteria provided by humans.
Both aspects of this strategy can be provided by remembering a bush's position.
Pharmaceutical companies provided the financial muscle.
They will be grateful to the writer for the guidance he has provided.
Their victory provided yet another boost to the protesters' growing sense of confidence.
Libraries exist to get books to readers-books and other forms of knowledge and entertainment, provided for free.
The number of those who might have provided such a rationale were surprisingly few.
He can teach pretty much what he wants, provided he does not disseminate contentious views outside the seminary.
So did the practice of requiring a degree for many positions for which the universities provided no technical training.
If some financial support was needed for people without private means, it could best be provided by aristocratic patrons.
Best of all, the professors provided free or nearly free labor.
He has provided a model for choice and the functioning of the will-the capacity to make and implement choice.
Oysters, beer, and lobster rolls were the provided fare.
His monthly column provided a glimpse inside high society, and captivated readers.
Audiences have lost the feeling for revelation and challenge that vital pop art once regularly provided.
Tenderness-provided they possess a physical charm, which makes their tenderness worth having.
His stay there with his family provided him with temporary calm.
She wanted payback for all the protection she'd provided.
For instance, prisoners are allowed conjugal visits-provided that one of the parties has been sterilized.
Some are provided with minimal barracks-style housing adjacent to the hothouses.
If an employer-provided vehicle was available for your use, you received a fringe benefit.
Answers to commonly asked questions about scrap tires are provided below.
Your friends were shown on television, writing goodbye messages on the white casket provided for you.
The parent trigger simply takes the option provided to the school board and hands the power to the parents.

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