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Example sentences for provenance

As the provenance of antiquities and artworks is questioned, so is the provenance of dealers themselves.
But the provenance of the cells is the source of their controversy.
The artifact's lack of provenance had always been a red flag to many scholars.
Trust and provenance as new factors for information retrieval in a tangled web.
By chance do you know the provenance for this diamond.
It was a puzzling declaration with an even more puzzling provenance.
But the wines that win the best prices at auction are those whose provenance is certain.
But questions about its provenance have shadowed it ever since.
As to the friction over the provenance of information sources some things come to mind.
So being able to verify the accuracy and provenance of material is vital, he says.
Arguing that auction houses know better than to sell artworks of questionable provenance.
Data provenance and evidence are therefore central concerns.
Then, last week, they learned that several pieces in his private art collection were likewise of clouded provenance.
It is seldom stamped, its provenance often even murkier than that of the guns.
The artifact's lack of provenance raised doubts among some scholars.
If large food companies start providing provenance of ingredients and where products are manufactured, the market can decide.
But, as creations of illiterate craftsmen rather than scientists, their provenance is lost.
Provenance has always added value to art objects, but the trend is towards promoting it proactively.
Buyers prize rarity, quality and provenance above all.
Meanwhile, consumers elsewhere are taking an increasing interest in the provenance and sustainability of the fish they eat.
It requires buyers of endangered wood varieties to take the trouble to know its provenance.
But regardless of the provenance of the e-mail, it was scary to watch the net awake as one.
He also pieced together the provenance of the vehicle.
Uncertainties about the provenance of the recording, however, cause experts to hesitate before pronouncing it authentic.
Quite the accusation concerning the provenance of this article.
Before forensics, the standard process of authentication involved establishing provenance.
Thus he bestows a kind of immortality on songs never intended to transcend their provenance.
Meanwhile, several other people began confabulating a provenance for it.
As it turns out, there isn't a clear provenance for our first choice.
But rarity, provenance and history all add their bit.
Another new proposal is intriguing-thanks, in part, to its provenance.
Its relationship with fish reflects a shared provenance: water.
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