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That's pretty well proven by psychological research.
But the general's policies have proven weak and erratic.
The origin of these rich deposits has proven controversial.
Shale extraction technologies boost proven gas reserves.
Furthermore, as read in the article it was proven his works had been manually colored or enhanced.
His success has proven this to be as untrue for chocolate as it was for coffee.
Its easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to human and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction.
The argument is that, you know, causal relationship in animals has not been proven.
Proven management skills, a record of publication, and strong communication skills are necessary qualifications.
But tackling millions of species in this way has proven to be a recipe for confusion.
But so far rumors of debris there have proven to be only rumors.
The argument ultimately is something that cannot be proven by direct observation.
We're posing the same question the jury is asked: has the prosecution proven its case to the necessary legal standard.
There is no requirement that a new therapy be proven better than its predecessor before it is covered.
Two green labels have proven particularly successful.
In all tests so far, the chemical has proven nontoxic to sharks.
Maybe because it is proven to be normal based on some study.
But such a system has yet to be proven over decades.
Leads, coaches, and evaluates staff using proven and effective management techniques.
In practice, however, a true theory yet to be proven true is indistinguishable from a false theory yet to be proven false.
Not necessarily to be proven true, but rather to be proven false.
Prediction markets have proven themselves to be a pretty good indicator of things to come.
Proven track record developing and coordinating grants.
Once the method is proven and the standard is accepted, such a factory could even be miniaturized.
Evidence of outstanding teaching and a proven commitment to research and scholarship required.
But in many poor nations, a sudden influx of oil money has proven ruinous.
Local partnerships have proven key to maintaining this small, fragmented site.
The problem, and the tragedy, was that proven therapies were not also employed from the start.
Disease can drive a mammal species to extinction: this doesn't seem surprising, but until today it hadn't been proven.
Proven experience in language teaching and coordination a must.
Natural compounds have proven to be a treasure trove of medicinal properties.
The set-top box has proven to be a closed and well-guarded fortress against a world of clouds and openness.
Proven ability to deliver results in a dynamic environment with multiple stakeholders.
Despite its successful record, academic selection has proven politically contentious of late.
Nonetheless the system has already proven its worth.
Proven is definitive, you have actual fact to show something occurred and how it happened.
Yet few of them understood the investments they held, many of which had proven to be junk.
Several generations of psychotropic drugs have proven to be of little or no benefit, and may be doing considerable harm.
So sad to see so much money and brain power devoted to theory that is not proven valid.
They then conduct experiments to see if their hypotheses can be proven.
Gyms, even when free, haven't proven to be appealing.
Grid computing is a proven aid to serious scientific research.
Proven ability to enable people and systems to work together.
But determining the ancestry of the orangutan has proven extremely difficult.
People who show imagination can be seen as dreamers because their ideas have not been proven.
Promises to bring broadband to every corner of the nation have so far proven empty.
Experience of academic management at the tertiary level, with a proven capacity for leadership, will be an advantage.
The birds have proven to be adaptable to changing forest conditions.
The only way that anything can actually be proven is by finding the same results by independent experimentation.
Neither of the strains have ever proven contagious in humans.
Groat explains that understanding this process is critical, but answers have proven elusive.
It's not surprising for the scientifically minded, but still satisfying to know that it has been proven experimentally.
Proven pants with contemporary design, functional fabric combination and many practical detailed solutions.
It is time to add jail sentences for being proven incompetent if not a liar.
If the technology is proven robust, it may be designed for use on moving boats.
Proven examples of influence through negotiation and interpersonal skills.
Digging is not the only thing that has proven difficult.
For astronomers who study the large-scale structure of the universe, dwarf galaxies have proven quite vexing.
And there are still skeptics about the technology, which has never been proven at commercial scale.
Sadly, species-to-species evolutionary dogma has again proven to be an obstacle to true scientific advancement.
To think about the common good, the purpose of life and how to live, it has proven useful to use religious stories or theology.
Its truth has been proven inductively, not deductively.
What that underlying problem may be, however, has proven to be frustratingly elusive to wildlife biologists.
In these trying times gaming companies have to rely on proven hits.
Although there is no proven evidence that anyone involved sought to oust him, he has called the event an attempted coup.
Trouble is, they haven't proven that any problems exist.
Such students have proven to be rather rare in my courses anyway.
But no one has proven that shark cartilage actually cures cancer.
Once again, the government has proven that they cannot run anything effectively.
The world abounds with proven ways to use energy more productively, and smart businesses are leaping to exploit them.
Morality has proven to be ineffective at containing this greed.
Usually, they have tried all proven therapies, to no avail.
And her actions have proven to me the folly of misplaced trust more clearly than her words ever did.
For the first time ever, scientifically proven acoustical principles were applied to concert-hall design.
They are known and proven to help increase your scores.
Captive gorillas have been shown to use tools, but observing the behavior in wild gorillas has proven difficult.
Though initially disappointing, this delay has actually proven to be a boon.
Predictions that a respectably sized city would be left without a single newspaper have so far proven false.
But duplicating spider silk in the lab has proven difficult.
The criticism of this paper is likely to be the same as always: that the case has not been proven on an individual level.
Many are proven to be wrong or mistaken in the process.
Meaningful reform of the prison service has proven beyond the capabilities of national and provincial authorities.
The simulation's forecast map has proven uncannily accurate in succeeding years.
Among the green alternatives to coal, nuclear is the only technology with proven capacity.
The call for a global reserve currency will be proven only rhetoric in the end.
The power of the belief thing has been really proven.
So far it has not been proven that time is not subjected to cause and effect.
Sharing and wide-scale adoption of proven practices are necessary.
It is a proven technology with large scale application.
We should only innovate with proven methods that work flawlessly.
But no studies have proven that a change in diet works for animal behavioral problems, he said.
The red feeding tube is proven to attract hummingbirds.
There are few things more proven in science than evolution.
They can be low in toxins, including carcinogens and reproductive toxins, as proven by product testing.
It is well proven that any food price increase due to ethanol is minimal.
If this were really the case and the patient were right, our procedure would again be proven inapplicable.
There seemed to be no way of proving the fact, yet the fact was there and must be proven.
It was digging below the questions of the day to the eternal, unquestioned, proven truths of human experience.
By his rhetoric and by his actions he has unquestionably proven himself to be a combatant.
It was rumored, though never proven, that party guests were leaving right around the songs that marked their birth years.
It was later proven to be too vague a statement to be a prediction.
It seemed strange to me that they would continue to do this if it had been theoretically proven that these models didn't work.
Successful candidates will have demonstrated interdisciplinary expertise and proven ability to work collaboratively.
In short, causation is not proven by eradication and normalization of disease pathology.
When it comes time to hire, there is no incentive to reward those who have proven that they are easily exploitable.
If the things you say can be proven, science will acknowledge, no doubt in that.
The biology underlying this self-image has proven difficult to figure out, but the results of a new study offer some insight.
Students need to know that newtons gravity theory is not a proven fact but only a theory.
Empirically supported therapies seek to bring the power of research-proven techniques to the therapist's office.
The technology has been tested and has proven to be both reliable, clean and safe.
Human performance testing has proven the validity of this method of enhanced learning.
However, proof that such cycling occurs has proven difficult to come by.
If it cannot be proven false, it falls into the realm of belief, not science.
History has proven time and again that establishing a democracy is not something that can be done over night.
He is banned from holding public office because of allegations of corruption, which have never been proven in court.
Nevertheless, the argument that the price rise is all down to speculators is far from proven.
If the claim is proven true, it would usher a new era for an old foe.
Yet none of these benefits has been factored in because none has yet been proven.
In the past students have also proven surprisingly calm about rising prices.
The doubters were proven right: early production versions of the plane failed to live up to the advertised spec, angering buyers.
One type of sea life has proven tough to keep in home aquariums: jellyfish.
Only the tiny fraction that have proven correct tend to be remembered, when their authors want to take credit.
Fortunately, there are two solid models that have already proven effective at cracking problems and pushing past plateaus.
They then conduct experiments to see if their hypothesis can be proven.
Hasn't proven a consistent ability to deliver the long ball.
Hasn't proven a consistent ability to run precise routes or block downfield.
We have witnessed that operations done by lone individuals has proven to be much more successful.
But there are some scientifically proven remedies that will actually work, every day.
Unfortunately, even programs proven to be cost effective are vulnerable to cuts.
Right now, our technique requires a bit of user input, and is only proven for single images.
One, it has been proven to significantly reduce infrastructure costs.
These are deadly serious, if yet fully proven, charges.
Thus far, nearly half of the proven, exploitable oil reserves in the world have been used up.
And if a home run is what you really need, he's proven time and time again that he can deliver that too.
Each appears to have suffered an electrical catastrophe, but the cause of each crash has so far proven elusive.
He hasn't proven panpsychism, but it is a hypothesis he thinks is well supported.
The accounts, signed only with initials, have never been medically proven.
Let me be clear: while certainly possible, this idea is not at all proven, and in my opinion still pretty unlikely.
Many of these vitamins, extracted from their source, have proven useless.
But that's not the same as having proven dark energy to exist, and it is important to note that.
However, they are careful to note that this is simply a plausible answer, and that the link hasn't been proven.
Not all people will do this, but some people do consider test drugs actual proven cures.
If it can be proven that they're biogenic, disproving terrestrial origins becomes the real challenge.
Patenting genes has proven controversial enough on its own, so high-tech policing of these patents is unlikely to go down easy.
The ones who do are those that have already proven they can live that long and have the physiological wherewithal to reproduce.
They're both using technologies that have proven successful for other brain disorders.
But it has proven difficult to fill the tiny gaps between transistors to keep them electrically isolated from one another.
Once you have the sugars, making ethanol and other chemicals has already been proven on a commercial scale.
But adapting this flexibility to contact lenses has proven challenging.
The vaccine has already proven safe in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.
The basic technology has been around for decades, but it has proven difficult to produce it reliably and cheaply.
In the mean time, fission is proven and cost effective.
Targeted therapy is not new and has not proven particularly effective.
On the wannabe stuff it should be researched until proven.
Proven petroleum reserves are good for another one trillion barrels or so.
Getting people to take the right treatment has also proven to be a public-health challenge.
Nobody had a stopwatch, nothing can be proven definitively, but that's the consensus.

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