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Installing some elements proved especially challenging.
Eventually, she abandoned her computer database, which proved inadequate for capturing the full complexity of the puzzle.
Steinberg's find, if proved, would give credence to one saga over another.
The first footprints of a long neck that proved that longnecks didnt live only on water but on land as well.
It proved to mark a note and a store of food left by his worried companions at base camp.
First, he attempted to hunt some sparrows in one of our neighbor's trees but they proved too quick for him.
It points toward how it will be proved, giving well-chosen examples without unspooling them in detail.
Also, you would be nowhere to be seen when your attributions are proved false.
He claims to be giving us one true theory, after having proved that theory is worthless.
Again, persuading professors to take the time to share proved to be a challenge.
Ordering chemicals and supplies and small equipment for the lab proved to be impossible.
Although each of those claims can be proved wrong, they have gained traction anyway.
The introduction of a second dose of vaccine to bolster the first proved especially effective.
Lately, as economic concerns globally proved to be a priority, the importance of this topic appears to abate.
The idea of doing this has been around for years, but it has proved difficult in practice because the capsules used were too big.
But they have proved a valuable way to rejuvenate industrial districts and boost communities that once relied on manufacturing.
The system he created has proved both robust and flexible.
Yet they proved to be less well-bred than originally planned.
Protests that the evidence against him was flawed proved fruitless.
Although some experimental devices have proved unreliable, they are now improving.
Now a pair of psychologists has proved that there is indeed a link.
They proved to be industrious providers and pleasant companions.
The marriage proved less than blissful, although it was saved by dogged loyalty on both sides.
The fiscal packages have proved rather less popular than monetary easing.
Though daunting, this should be less difficult to achieve than dismantling dictatorship and stabilising the economy proved to be.
But remittances from migrant workers proved to be a much more stable source of funds for the poor.
It has proved helpful to journalists seeking interviews with world leaders.
Wealth made from flipping offerings proved to be contagious, particularly given the lack of alternatives.
Subscription has proved by far the best way of paying for high-quality television.
So far, however, these fears have proved groundless.
He might have proved a useful adjunct, if not an ornament to society.
These books proved disappointing to persons who sought readable narratives.
None of the words and expressions which are taboo in good society will be found in books of proved literary standing.
He has been proved to have been seen entering the building.
When appeal to the alderman proved useless, the truckman resorted to strategy.
The old red blood and stainless gentility of great poets will be proved by their unconstraint.
It was a bit choppy at times, but proved it could handle the traffic throughout the event.
The hologram effect proved to be a technical success.
Harry proved to publishers that there was big money in that neglected genre.
Initial installation proved to be a troubling process of trial-and-error steps to get all the features working properly.
It has proved toxic at some doses in animals and so cannot be used in humans.
Progress has been slow, however, as bacteria have once again proved more complex than anticipated.
Each extract proved to be a unique chemical mix, with different amounts of caffeine and other compounds.
The latter can be proved without a shadow of doubt by the study of genes.
Not again, factory farming in any way has only proved to be the wrong choice.
Having proved the hypothesis wrong, you can formulate a new one.
And his experiments with corn seedlings proved that this plant would fare poorly in a spaceship.
In patients who have survived severe brain damage, judging the level of actual awareness has proved a difficult process.
Biological evolution and common ancestry are real and proved by the convergence of the sciences.
But in practice, preventing vulnerable kids from putting on the pounds has proved a major challenge.
Answers about how the brain as a whole integrates activity among areas, however, have proved elusive.
They're not talking about ethanol from corn, however, which has already proved wasteful and environmentally damaging.
Yet the rollercoaster life of the embattled singer proved more powerful than his musical gifts.
However, without precise instruments, verification has proved elusive.
Limiting logging in the over-wintering areas would seem an obvious solution, but so far that has proved easier said than done.
These earlier findings proved it was possible for melanosomes from dinosaur times to survive in fossils.
Genetic tests later proved that the bone comes from a dog and not a wolf, coyote, or fox.
It proved less hospitable to countless whales that were hunted from the site-in some cases to the brink of extinction.
Our human longing to mimic birds has often proved painful.
The ground-based panels particularly targeted by the cuts proved popular with farmers.
But this species, along with several others, proved to be unique.
Researchers have recently proved that the spirit bear's white coat gives it an advantage when fishing.
For them, the mussels' shells proved more valuable than the gem sometimes inside.
And as she proved in the following weeks, she really couldn't do anything else.
After he proved he could do the job, by getting a police protection grant in his first year, he says residents came around.
Less than half the surgeries, drugs, and tests that doctors recommend have been proved effective.
Chinook proved them all wrong in less than a second.
But the journal's definition of dignity has proved incompatible with the country's democracy.
Rather, he conceded, the study proved his own confirmation bias as a researcher.
The families of those who died have proved less resilient.
One game in particular has proved especially informative in both disciplines: the prisoner's dilemma.
But spending on fashion-on uplift and fantasy-had proved recession-resistant.
No way of wresting control of a neighborhood from a street gang has yet been proved effective.
Other researchers busied themselves looking at the physiological consequences of noise, which proved little easier to measure.
Given time, these tactics alone might have proved sufficient.
But these worries, understandable though they might have been, proved unjustified.
Lifeboats bolted in place and rotting life jackets proved useless.
His surge keeps going what has already proved to be a bizarre and eventful story.
But the conventional court system has proved surprisingly effective at extracting intelligence.
But this distinction has proved difficult to maintain.
Their program proved in fact more effective than outside experts were.
Such attempts at reform through more flexible interpretation have often proved shallow and short-lived.
His one and only audition proved a humiliating failure: he was dismissed as wooden and expressionless.
The piece provided a major boost to the administration's case for war-and proved to be wrong in almost every detail.
And that has certainly proved the case, since the accusation of cowardice pursued him all his life, and afterward too.
As with all seriously addictive things, giving up proved to be immeasurably harder than starting.
In the dispute over busing, moreover, the white majority mindful of its own interests has proved to be both national and powerful.
As motives for fiction, they have not proved enduringly stimulating.
For one thing, the ideology used to justify the dismantling of regulation has proved remarkably resilient.
It showed that for any useful system of mathematics, it is possible to create statements that are true but cannot be proved.
However, a practical method to cheaply produce high-performance organic electronic circuits has proved elusive.
Company studies proved that each drug, on its own, works and is safe.
But making transistors from the material at the large scale necessary for industrial production has proved challenging.
But so far technology for making ethanol from such feedstocks has not been proved commercially.
Over the last year, whole-genome sequencing has proved its medical worth.
They have also proved useful for treating autoimmune disease and are under investigation as a treatment for many other conditions.
But finding the cells behind this defense mechanism in order to study and perhaps even mimic them has proved quite the challenge.
The earlier plastic was a new material, and proved difficult to market and distribute.
Creating films to exacting specifications proved harder than expected.
For a while, those projections proved fairly accurate.
Steve proved to the telecoms that their lock on the cell phone hardware was holding back the industry.
Riders soon arrived in droves, and the line proved to be a crucial link in the economic development of the region.
They proved they could grow algae using a wide variety of technologies.
It is a well know basic of logic that there is no way to retract what has been proved in logical theory.
Plants have proved to have everything human beings need.
The studio mind-set quickly proved anathema to the indie business, however.
Economic theory-and historical experience-long ago proved the need for regulation of financial markets.
All but the last call were on the same line-of-sight frequency that had already proved unavailing.
The inclusion of vibraphone proved more jarring than an overall acidity that gave no heart ease.
Articulation proved incisive in fast movements influenced by the dance.
What's more, three decades of experience have proved the naysayers wrong.
Patching the surface has proved frustrating, with more rifts appearing daily.

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