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City life is no better, and can in fact prove far more vicious.
For both writers, the evening would prove a turning point.
The book illuminates the lives of the two pioneers who were both determined to prove that methods of inoculation could work.
Most people who write about this case seem to have an agenda of sorts as if they are out to prove something, one way or another.
Teenagers are insecure about their rank so they're always trying to prove it.
He was now in a position to prove or disprove the charge.
Now, he must prove himself worthy of the charge laid upon him as a leading teacher, and speak.
His plea was that there had been a large increase in the census of the prison, and he marched up a column of figures to prove it.
Golf, politics and presidents prove to be range bedfellows.
Yet, ultimately, the bad rap might prove to be undeserved.
Almost any company is happy to trot out statistics to prove it.
Prove what a big macho jerkoff you are by wiping out every other living thing.
All the data is then manipulated to prove that conclusion.
As our tests prove, the result is a lack of normal emotional reactions.
In terms of walking mechanics, it would hardly require a study to prove that a heel landing is more efficient.
With the correct study design, proponents say, cancer vaccines should prove to be promising.
It often takes years of experiments and data gathering to prove a theory or confirm a finding.
And to capture that rare view for reproduction can also prove to be an art form in itself.
Now he wants to prove he knows how to build a car company.
The nationality of the jurors could prove to be a factor in the results.
But so far, no one had been able to prove experimentally that what's going on in the kitchen sink really represents a white hole.
The government's deficit-reduction plan may prove too tight.
And, if you take enough care, nobody can prove you did it.
Yet it is the fall-out from a slow-crawling corruption case that could prove more wounding.
Yet it may not prove so easy to cool down such a hot economy.
In normal times such delays might simply be inconvenient, but now they could prove devastating.
As for the disruption from online gambling, it can prove highly creative.
Insider trading is tough to prove, and it can take years to gather enough evidence to bring charges.
But precisely what the mix should be is increasingly contentious-and could prove expensive.
The fact that some successful companies have embraced greenery does not prove that greenery makes a firm successful.
This, they reckon, will increase the likelihood that a chance encounter will prove valuable.
But the trite, coy and overly personal jottings that result often prove quite resistible.
Psychologists are often accused by laymen of doing experiments to prove the obvious.
If the downturn endures, even that could prove optimistic.
Whereas misfortunes that came singly might not prove fatal, those that come in combination often prove overwhelming.
In this case, to prove the point, the gene they introduced was for green fluorescent protein-a molecule derived from jellyfish.
The mission's goal is simply to prove that solar sail technology works.
State election officials expect touch screens to prove more reliable than older systems' punch cards.
Several would prove to be no better than goat paths and no wider than our wheels, and a few would be no road at all.
And there the legend has remained, daring others to prove it.
Today's surge, which may prove much faster, is human made.
The packed lecture hall seemed to prove students are eager not to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.
To prove their theory, laboratory experiments had to be conducted.
He almost wants to be mistaken for a lunk, so that he can prove otherwise.
They quietly know they are good, and don't need to prove anything.
To prove the second wrong, one has to prove that the speaker does not actually think the sky is blue.
There is nothing you can prove or disprove because you have the information.
Yes, it is a great feeling to prove that you are more valuable on the open market than people around you are willing to recognize.
Certainly people would go, but the comments here prove that careful screening will be necessary.
Although none may prove feasible or desirable, they suggest that a dislodging event could in fact drive real reform.
His tax return doesn't prove that he's done something wrong.
These people have been trying to prove their alternative treatments work for years, and they can't do it.
Some of them may prove to be wrong, and others wrong-headed.
But perhaps a technologically enhanced second skin will prove to be only a transitional stage.
Because of these limitations, the results do not really prove anything.
The researcher must also prove that the trout is sentient enough to suffer from the attendant pain.
It wants these parties to register, prove competency, perform continuing education and follow ethics guidelines.
Similar sponges could also prove useful in civilian hospitals.
His innovation wasn't technical, but it may prove more important than any individual breakthrough technology.
Unemployment benefits can go a long way, but recipients have to prove that they're looking for work.
Yes, as the many profiles prove, he has considerable intelligence and not a little guile.
But many people worry that transgenic organisms might prove more unpredictable.
She'd watched television cop shows: if you prove a juror engaged in misconduct, it could overturn the case.
But there have been scores of others, all seeking to prove that the drug is safe and effective.
We have to prove ourselves over and over to ourselves and to others.
He spent those years first in trying to prove that the quantum theory had inconsistencies in it.
He hoped to find discrepancies that would prove the old theories wrong, but nature stubbornly persisted in proving them right.
Rethinking a scheme when it is already underway can also prove expensive.
It goes to prove my contention that art should never be anything else.
Tracing information back to its source could help prove trustworthiness.
The new social network is proving popular, but it still has a lot to prove.
Casual conversations among colleagues can prove surprisingly fruitful.
He says it could prove useful for quantum computing and quantum cryptography because it can transmit light in a single direction.
Often compounds that appear safe in the rodents prove to be toxic in humans.
In particular, she says, they're wary of products that would be difficult to recall should they prove defective.
Flexibility could prove vital if energy-harvesting technology is to take off.
The trial is one of a handful worldwide seeking to prove the effectiveness of gene therapy for eye diseases.
He set out to create his own healthy climate--and prove his doctors wrong.
But the company still needs to prove the safety and effectiveness of its approach.
Prove to me that big oil is any less subsidized than ethanol.
It can climb rapidly and could prove useful for surveillance or inspection purposes.
Underwater turbines have yet to prove themselves, and have not gone through this development process.
The new system could prove both cheaper and more reliable, the researchers say.
Both requirements could prove difficult to implement in a small robot.
If they do not match, you can file an incidence, and prove that somebody switched your vote around.
Perhaps it would prove practical with regard to powering a lunar industrial complex.
If regolith is the curse of lunar exploration, it may also prove to be a blessing.
Many cases, when subjected to close scrutiny, prove not to have been remissions at all.
If astronomers are right, many of them will prove to be habitable.
After a summer vacation back home, the student reappeared with a videotape to prove her case.
They also prove vulnerable to any stray pathogen that slips into their food, water, or air.
There are tantalizing hints that our universe has already survived such a collision-and bears the scars to prove it.
The theory of evolution is fact until you can without a doubt prove it wrong.
All it did was shine a little red circle, he says, but it was enough to prove it would work.
Worse, a vaccine made from a weakened virus could prove deadly if the virus mutated and regained virulence.
Little research was needed to prove this theory false.
In this case, that means he dreams of flying--and wears an aviator hat and goggles to prove it.
Occupancy and payment of taxes necessary to prove adverse possession.
Cole's still a relative newcomer to the mainstream with something to prove.

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