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Example sentences for proudly

In addition, failure was tolerated and often worn proudly.
In the photograph, he's proudly showing his father some sort of gizmo that had to do with the airplanes he flew.
Many underachieving students proudly state they are only at the school for the financial aid money.
And the names of its food suppliers, mostly local, are proudly displayed on wall chalkboards.
Cheryl's grandson proudly shows off the fruits of labor at his grandparents' house.
He proudly told me the story of each one-where he was on the day he took it and so forth-and smothered me with technical details.
The proudly, humorous tone of this piece is perfect for your audience, as evidenced by the comments.
She holds out her hand, proudly displaying a pea-size ball of glistening gold.
Proudly green property on an island hill overlooking a spectacular beach.
For the first few months of school, she proudly filled her water bottle herself and helped me pack her lunch each morning.
His port's rates are the cheapest on the lake, he says proudly.
It is, he says proudly, a model farm that others can copy.
Christians have their beliefs constantly reinforced by neighbours who proudly and openly share them.
Phoenix is a city that is proudly on the rise-and it will soon soar.
As the country proudly claims, slums and shantytowns are rare compared with other developing countries.
Companies that do not test on animals proudly state it on their labels.
Who knew readers of a pop science blog would be so proudly dogmatic.
For example, an acquaintance proudly stated in her online dating profile that she was wearing no makeup in her shots.
It boggles the mind as to how so many people willfully wear their ignorance proudly.
Also has holes for your eyes, mouth and nose as well as the teams logo proudly placed on forehead of mask.
Local youths proudly display livestock and pets at fair exhibits and arenas.
And when you come to my grave you will find me sitting there, proudly reading it.
The army which proudly threatened you finds no remaining barrier of defense against your courage.
It's a pretty shabby habitat for creatures once displayed so proudly.
She was clearly excited about her new trade, and proudly shows off the motor she's repairing.
Its signals are proudly received by thousands of radio ham enthusiasts in our country.
After they easily overpower the small creature, they take it back to the block where they proudly display their catch.
His radio show is proudly carried by large corporate radio stations.
She proudly points to the pile of wood she has split.
Coffee rings would show that humans once labored here, proudly.
Both somewhat chilling statistics, although that was certainly not his intention in proudly sharing them with us.
He wears his partisan labels proudly, as bumper stickers of honor.
He has proudly claimed that he has never owned a tuxedo.
She reportedly offered to buy him a new car, and he proudly refused.
Others who went to jail did so proudly and were visited by a steady stream of well-wishers.

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