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Its voters were proud of and pleased with the array of choices before them: proud of its diversity, pleased with its unity.
We received money from friends and family who were proud of us for wanting to help others.
Germans are fiercely proud of their regional traditions.
Proud government ministers frequently refer to the increase.
The lobbyists had every reason to feel proud of their work.
She's a clipboard-toting, can-do gal, proud to be a government worker.
He was proud, and proud of saying exactly what he thought.
She is proud of her ward, and enjoyed introducing patients.
He was proud that these pictures generally needed little in the way of captioning, that the composition captured the moment.
They beam, proud and pleasantly sunburned, next to their prizes.
They're intensely proud of their traditions in a way that's both disarming and contagious.
Even now, he says he is proud to have served his country with a clear conscience.
Culturally, the valley has always stood a bit apart from the world, provincial and proud of it.
Do yourself proud with a corn and crab meat chowder now that corn's ripe.
His election and inauguration are undoubtedly proud moments but they must not breed complacency.
We are all so proud about showing each other that the others' arguments are wrong, and that we're right.
Great guy, you could tell he was proud and full of anticipation.
They are proud of riding bicycles, they turn off lights when they leave the room, and they eat little or no meat.
But she was proud of few things, and one was that she could ride anything that had four legs and hair.
The salon's design concept would make any environmentalist proud.
Tom seems proud to have encouraged his kids to share in his need for speed.
And its self-pride is so clearly justified that one can't help but feel proud for it.
Bob believed he'd accomplished something special, and he remains proud of it.

Famous quotes containing the word proud

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