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The pull appeared as strong as an electron toward a proton.
Because the quarks and gluons within a proton are constantly interacting, a proton-proton collision is an inherently messy affair.
For example, a proton has a positive electric charge, but an antiproton has a negative electric charge.
The molecules are composed of atoms, which in turn are composed of electrons and clusters of proton particles.
Thus, people with comparatively lesser neutrons in their body composition exhibit the effect of dominant proton.
Proton-pump or acid-pump inhibitors are probably the best drug treatments for reflux symptoms related to scleroderma.
It is usually combined with medications, such as epinephrine and intravenous proton pump inhibitors.
Proton therapy is another kind of radiation used to treat prostate cancer.
Long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors may reduce the duration of treatments.
The researchers think these may be able to work as proton-exchange membranes in their own right.
More precisely, each proton-proton collision involves a handful of quarks and gluons.
Take the proton, a fundamental particle found in the nucleus of every atom.
Physicists are used to calculating a proton hitting a proton.
Any such particle--a negatively charged electron, a positively charged proton--can be turned into a missile if given enough speed.
The neutrino, electron and proton combine to form a neutron and the antineutrino wanders off on its own.
They have theories of what combination of proton vs neutrons will live on the island.
And then the lambda decays into a negative pion and a proton.
To be able to understand what dark energy is, it is necessary to understand the fundamental mechanics of the proton.
No one tried to replace the proton ships with the new designs.
Each hydrogen atom has a proton in it, and protons have a property scientists call spin.
It's known that the energy of electron and proton beams can vary by many orders of magnitude.
That's one one-hundred quintillionth the size of a proton.
They could use a small proton star, which would allow a more smaller size ship, but would probably cause some relativistic havoc.
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