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This, of course, was the way protocol demanded it be done at a scientific conference.
When the late arrival entered, the protocol was to take one's seat quietly and without comment.
While a breach of protocol, it didn't exactly cause an uproar.
His work led him to develop a petri-dish protocol for testing whether a substance can cause such mutations.
And the problem is that there is no reliable protocol either to diagnose during the asymptomatic phase.
We want to see as many manifestations within the protocol as possible to celebrate human culture-natural culture.
After a show, for instance, there is always the protocol of going backstage to schmooze the designers.
Teleportation is a protocol about how to send a quantum state-a wave function-from one place to another.
If so, you might want to brush up on royal protocol when you're attending his majesty at court.
And without a standard reporting protocol its impossible to compare one program to another.
Many of us know it as a protocol the doctor prescribes before blood testing.
The http protocol can transmit compressed data but few sites use this option.
The researchers deciphered the communication protocol by experimenting with different parameters of the radio transmission.
We need a common protocol that describes each design.
The convoy leader does two things, one in keeping with well-established military protocol and one entirely new.
Last season, the league adopted an in-game protocol designed to identify players with concussions.
She's going through a new protocol for her chemo and she's still battling.
Policy and guidance on protocol review and human research protections.
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