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The nature of the protest prompted one undergraduate to complain to the student newspaper.
The demonstration was the latest move in a four-day protest that has sometimes turned violent.
By then, word had already reached the organizers of the event that a group was planning a disruptive protest.
In more than one sense, the protest can seem misplaced.
People swarm here to visit museums, protest injustice, or simply play.
The only thing he forgot to add was that he is cancelling his subscription of ten years in protest.
Here are our favorite scenes and hacks from the protest so far.
Students felt as if they had an obligation to protest.
Rallies have also been held elsewhere to protest the crackdown.
Riots and protest are nothing more than the expression of a firm no to things from an external source that threaten us.
Chavez had a deep understanding of the power of public, nonviolent protest.
And it raises interesting questions about the future of non-lethal devices as tools of protest.
Fighting gives way to talking, but the mood of protest cannot be reversed.
Also beer, since it contains calories, would be difficult to work into the protest.
Opponents protest the environmental repercussions, but construction continues.
The network's notoriety incited widespread complaints, an ad war with its biggest rival and a consumer protest.
And scientists have certainly had much cause to protest during the last decade.
Since then no one has dared suggest further protest.
Three days earlier, riot police had broken up the first pockets of protest.
But really his whole life was an adventure and a protest against all the masks of progress.
Several years ago, some of the surviving liquidators even went on a hunger strike to protest their low disability payments.
But the protest grew into a full-on demand for democracy.
Several wildlife groups, however, protest that the proposed status change is premature.
To protest a war is sometimes to protest on behalf of those fighting it, not against them.
When tuition goes up and parents protest, attention will turn to faculty research and teaching costs.
Their protest, now into its third week, has sparked sleep-outs and demonstrations around the country.
Journalists who have called the protest have good reason to worry.
The popular news-sharing site announced today that it will broadcast a message of protest during next week's hearings.
It all began with a protest over illegal land sales and rigged elections.
US military campaigns have often been unpopular, sparking protest movements.
Protest against the boom has slowed up the development of the supersonic transport.
The resignations were a symbolic protest by senior officers of the military's diminished role.
If the protest does not come, then others will be arrested.
Emanuel says school protest outside his house a response to change.
You, your employer and your doctor all have the right to protest any decision made about your claim.
The age of irony has not exactly been kind to the protest song.
Yet it became a case of the billionaire doth protest too much.
The decision was controversial and continues to generate protest, fueled by new findings from this icy realm.
Even if it succeeds, some scientists are sure to protest the planting of a genetically modified organism in public forests.
Yet they never seem to protest the fertilization technique itself.
Dragging ourselves in through the mud and subservient and too sick to even protest our treatment.
He was thinking of that afternoon and how it had affected his whole life when a spirit of protest awoke in him.
Perkin's protest marks the beginning of a new phase in this discussion.

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