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Natural fish stocks are declining, the world's population is expanding, and people need protein.
Calculate how much protein you should be eating every day and then start tracking it.
Nothing too startling, but it pushes the protein rather than the carbs, and fresh fruit and vegies.
Add protein and bread, and you have an easy meal that's fun to share.
It is a complete amino acid and is unusually high in protein for a seed.
Include some store-bought falafel for an added boost of protein.
Cottage cheese subs for sour cream, making the dip high in protein and low in fat.
Nuts bring flavor, richness, and protein to this hearty dish.
All over its surface are precisely spaced protein points.
Second, the main job of any particular gene is to instruct cells to make its corresponding protein.
But this might not be such a bad strategy, and it could have been one that helped early humans to obtain protein and survive.
They needed something cheap, filling and full of energy and protein to keep them going throughout the day.
Upon contact, the receptor-an enormous, folded protein-changes shape and grasps the glutamate.
The energy content of animal protein and fat is far higher than that of vegetable matter.
Each allele codes for a bitter taste receptor protein with a slightly different shape.
Their chief source of protein is the scrub and vegetation along the way.
All fat and protein, won't spike your blood sugar at all.
Scientists have found a protein that acts immediately to tell the brain when it is time for the body to stop eating.
Normally there is no, or only a small amount, of protein in the urine.
They may also need a diet that is high in protein to prevent muscle wasting.
The first conclusive evidence comes from spearheads tainted with the residue of horse protein.
As more strain is put on natural resources, some experts say, insects will be raised as an alternative form of protein.
Made from soybean milk, this food offers a rich source of lean protein and calcium.
To reproduce, a virus binds to a host cell, which mistakes the virus for a protein and replicates its genetic code.
When activated, the protein previously had been shown to strengthen several types of pathogens.
Many humans also eat the low-fat, high-protein insects.
The gene produces a protein that gives the jellyfish a green fluorescence.
The transients ambush them-they have a taste for the gray whale calves' high-energy blubber and protein-rich tongues.
Fortified by the protein-rich seeds, they multiply rapidly.
When you have plenty of other vegetables on your plate, your beans can count as a protein source instead.
Gluten is a type of wheat protein, and people with celiac disease have a sensitivity to the protein.
Some expressions of this protein had an unusually low molecular weight.
It also increases the uptake of amino acids that make protein into muscle cells.
Bring protein- and nutrient-dense dry food that won't easily leak or get smashed in your bag.
The typical neural protein only lasts for a few weeks, the cortex in a constant state of reincarnation.
Prior to these experiments, protein was believed to hold our hereditary destiny.
Flies are a long, long way from people, but that the protein worked at all is impressive.
Today, demand for food fueled by rises in worldwide consumption of meat and protein is again outpacing farmers ability to keep up.
Proteases, particularly the enzyme trypsin, target protein-based food scraps and gunk that stop up drains.
In extreme cases they may not even find enough basic protein.
It allows a dieter to eat as much protein as he-or she-craves, so long as only negligible amounts of carbohydrate are consumed.
The more chemically stable the folded protein becomes, the more points the players are awarded.
The protein in question contains a lot of an amino acid called histidine.
Indeed, it has ten times more histidine than the average protein.
Knowing what a protein does in the body is no guarantee that it can be turned into a useful drug, but it is a start.
The plaques are globs of rogue protein in the spaces between nerve cells.
What they actually suggest is using casein, the principal protein found in milk.
But it is also an important component of the protein factories themselves.
The long one produces more transporter-protein molecules than the short one.
The mutation itself is in a gene for a nerve-cell protein of a type known as an ion channel.
In this case, to prove the point, the gene they introduced was for green fluorescent protein-a molecule derived from jellyfish.
These are sticky bits of a wayward protein called beta-amyloid that gum up the spaces between nerve cells.
Their job is to carry instructions from the genes to a cell's protein-making machinery.
They found what they were looking for in the form of an antibody to a substance called insulin-receptor protein.
Globs of malformed protein are conspicuously present in many degenerative disorders of the brain and nervous system.
As the disease progresses, these toxic protein fragments block neurotransmitters from reaching receptors on neurons.
If it falls behind in its protein-folding work, the organelle triggers what researchers have named the unfolded protein response.
The exposure would prompt the body's immune system to raise its own disease-fighting antibodies to destroy the protein.
They subsist on protein bars for a few days and then perish.
The addition of chocolate adds a surprising sweet twist to this protein-packed bowl of pinto beans and kale.
Soft wheat has less protein, therefore less gluten, than the wheat used for all-purpose flour and a lot less than bread flour.
Researchers get a new tool to determine protein structures.
However, protein antibodies are expensive to synthesize in the lab and only last a few months.
The difference is that this circuit is controlled by the concentration of another protein.
Each valve is coated with a different kind of antibody, a molecule primed to latch on to a particular cancer protein.
The cells are imaged using cancer-specific protein markers.
The gene for this protein can be modified so that it is only expressed in specific types of neurons.
To aid this melding process, researchers often add a protein-based solder into the wound in order to reinforce the seam.
Fluorescent protein tags that emit visible or infrared light are now common tools for studying cell biology in test tubes.
Joined to their protein producing partners, the protein-dependent cells flourish.
His protein-based process provides the biofuels field with entirely novel feedstock options.
Keratin, a naturally occurring protein in hair and nails, is applied to your hair that leaves it smooth and shiny.
For protein, they ate soybeans in countless permutations.
In some countries, those are the only protein options.
Also risk of heart disease from eating more high-protein foods, which are also high in fat.
Nuts and beans are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.
Even if that didn't work, the protein is not an end in itself.
Their body can't tolerate a protein called gluten that's found in wheat, rye and barley.
Their active portions are submicroscopic fibers made of a peculiar protein called actomyosin.

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