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The species seekers you write about were hardly the sort to set off in lab coat and pocket protector.
Two generations ago a standard uniform identified engineers: white shirt, narrow tie, pocket protector and slide rule.
Anti-inflammatory, protector of astronaut eyes, and excrement of the gods.
And a dead ladybird is hardly any use as a protector.
Clear historical arguments can be made that often religion is the protector and preserver of civilization.
She is loveable, sweet, attentive and is my protector.
Once his protector, she had turned on him the instant he became famous.
Dealers will attach a special protector to the gasoline recirculation tube, which will prevent leakage.
From this time the saint and his monastery found him a benefactor and protector.
The former was a great protector and benefactor to these missionaries, nor did the latter oppose their preaching.
For though he had achieved no great exploits, he had always been a lover and protector of the church and his people.
Jos can't protect you, he is too weak, and wants a protector himself.
The trouble may be a short in the plug, a tripped circuit breaker, or a bad surge-protector outlet.
Plant conditions such as dust, temperature, and humidity can cause one type of protector to be more suitable than another.

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