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The shale gas industry maintains that it takes care to protect drinking water and land.
Last month, the department sent a letter to colleges urging them to take steps to protect the student-aid programs.
Hyperactive immune systems may protect against cancer.
Provide two or three alternatives that could help to protect terrestrial or marine ecosystems.
Our government here exists to protect our rights, not grant them.
Birds produce chemicals that they spread over their feathers to protect themselves from pathogens.
Simple project to protect tender plants in winter.
It'll protect you from injuries, monitor your vitals and even harvest your energy.
But new efforts to protect marine creatures have gained surprising support from researchers, regulators, engineers and fishermen.
The best way to protect them would be to legalise and regulate the industry.
Many have joined the critical fight to protect big cats.
Floating row covers help protect plants from cold temperatures.
But whether there will soon be new adult-size clams to protect is still a matter of conjecture.
He says he and others on the campus want to protect its small-college feel.
The government currently subsidises the interest payments to private lenders and guarantees loans to protect against default.
Local people team up to protect their natural and cultural heritage and encourage responsible tourism.
The memory cells survive to protect their host against further infections by the same invader.
Nothing can protect them from the vagaries of nature.
And colleges are obligated by law to protect information about students.
More soldiers have defected-though only a few-and some have returned fire to protect protesters.
The toads make the toxins to protect themselves against predators, which learn not to eat the deadly amphibians.
So nations should do what they can to protect and develop their own forest and eco-systems.
Steinmetz's work led to the measures used to protect power equipment from lightning strikes.
The leaves can cause irritation, so protect your skin.
Learn how technology today can help protect this invaluable resource.
It is responsible for enforcing the laws that protect our threatened fisheries and endangered marine mammals.
Clearly animals' colors did not protect them from him.
Protect the basket from rain, since the liner provides no drainage, and water only lightly.
The nonprofit hopes this practice will reduce destruction of mangrove forests, which protect coasts from erosion.
Come on out and learn about our feathered friends as conservation efforts underway to protect them.
In the desert or hot interiors, protect plants from afternoon sun.
The shale gas industry maintains that its safeguards protect drinking water and land.
As the gecko pushes through leaves and dirt, the ridges may help protect its eyes.
Use a tighter-than-usual spacing method for seedlings so that plants will support each other and protect foliage from sunburn.
In cold-winter areas, grow in containers or mulch to protect from freezing and thawing.
Two lots make up the property--one developed, the other left natural to protect ocean views.
It will protect you if you fall, and also protect you in the much more likely event of falling debris.
In hot interior climates, protect from hot winds and supply adequate water.
Cover the plot with netting to protect it from birds and critters.
The custom-built columns, added to give the fence more presence, also protect metal support brackets from exposure.
Protect from wind in cold climates more add to my plant list.
Protect plants from reflected heat of light-colored walls or pavement.
If you live near the ocean, choose salt-tolerant plants and use windbreaks to protect your garden from sea spray.
If the peacekeepers hand them over, their avowed mission to protect civilians could be fatally compromised.
We try to protect ourselves against volcanoes and tornadoes, but they overcome us despite our best precautions.
It's not every day that the struggle to protect an endangered species makes it to the silver screen.
Many tropical frog species secrete compounds known as alkaloids to protect themselves from predators and prevent infections.
All you need do is locate a suitable nest and run string from it to the trees you wish to protect.
Universities are replete not only with beefy football players, but with the kinds of people who can help protect our blind sides.
For a similar reason, attempts to protect privacy through new laws will fail-as they have done in the past.
Understanding ways in which viruses protect themselves could help scientists better understand--and fight--viral infections.
The designation would likely help protect the towers and raise money to restore them.
But consumer advocates say stricter oversight is needed to protect borrowers.
No one welcomes a serious infection, but in some cases it can help to protect you against tumors.
They want to protect their forest, culture, system of healing.
They do not help with the muscle and joint pain, but they do protect one's teeth from wear.
Our role is to protect consumers and enable them to secure value for money and benefit from reliable supplies.
Some of the ways bacteria protect themselves from antibiotics might be used against them to strengthen existing drugs.
Jailors made little effort to protect the prisoners from each other.
Countries hold foreign-exchange reserves partly to protect themselves against external crises.
It's difficult to protect migrating whale sharks once they leave designated no-fishing zones.
Now it is up to residents, architects and heritage groups to protect it.
In zones that receive any frost, protect by growing under lath or trees.
The main job of a spacesuit is to protect its wearer.
In the interim, you need to protect yourself professionally and personally.
Ask them if they know of measures people take to protect wildlife and plants from pollution.
New approaches are needed to protect the food supply.
We should avoid contact by all means, protect their environment, demarcate their lands and let them live their traditional lives.
We should find a way to protect artists while permitting this sharing to survive.
We need them not primarily as a way to police people but as a way to protect them from unfair treatment.
Brought in to protect the health of non-smokers who worked in or frequented such places, it seems to have worked.
Earlier bedtimes set by parents protect against depression.
Tech companies handcuff our files to protect against digital pirates.
Overnight in refrigerator, to protect flavor and retain juices.
Learn what you can do to conserve resources and protect the planet.
Army didn't bother to properly test five million body armor plates that were supposed to protect soldiers on the battlefield.
The unobtrusive panels protect the bamboo from rain but allow diffused sunlight to filter through.
Plant seedlings in the garden after all danger of frost is past, or plant a bit early and protect crops with row covers.
Protect from birds with floating row covers or netting.
Along the way, it's fascinating to see the measures taken to protect the bluffs.
After the silk has dried,you'd put paper bags over the ears to protect them.
Each economic program takes into account the government's desire to protect the country's environment and cultural traditions.
They protect the legs and ankles from insect stings and bites.
We have likened the dream to the night watchman or sleep-defender who wishes to protect our sleep from being disturbed.
The debate should be about how to inform and protect students.
Tenure doesn't protect bad professors, but it does mean that complaints have to be considered at a formal hearing.
She requested anonymity to protect her business's reputation from damage.
Yet, for a number of reasons, regulations may not be enough to protect wild areas and the resources within them.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home or in travel choices could do tons to protect the atmosphere.
Discuss the steps being taken to protect bird populations.
Learn how humans are working to protect and restore our planet.
The more people understand about the wildlife in their own backyards, the more likely they will want to protect it.
Below are some opportunities for consumers to help protect specific ecosystems and global resources.
Discuss what people can do to protect species from extinction.
Still, some people are determined to try, if only to protect those waters which haven't yet been invaded.
Here, she covers her head and back in dirt to protect herself from the sun.
Presumably they would protect the letter with a paper casing.
They spend a few days foraging, depending on each other to protect against shark attacks.
Publishers should therefore need fewer, not more, property rights to protect their investment.
It must do so both to protect the sport and, hardly less important, to protect the interests of the public.
Another problem is determining which species to protect when not all are equal in the biodiversity stakes.
Safe havens near the borders could protect citizens but they would soon need defending against regime troops.
If the crust begins to brown too much before the filling is done, crimp a ring of foil or use a pie shield to protect it.
The researchers had covered it with a new roof, the only structure they had chosen to protect from the rain.
Land trusts were not a new idea, but previously they had only been used to protect parks and other public lands.
But this seems akin to studying ways to protect a forest after loggers have been allowed to cut down the trees.
The public responds to the rhetoric, rallying behind the call to prevent censorship and protect the free exchange of information.
And new security measures protect everyone's data.
Efforts to create regional genetic databases of threatened animals could help wildlife experts protect them.
The researchers suggest things that car owners and manufacturers can do to protect themselves.
Most worried are the people who rely on cryptographic codes to protect sensitive information.
There are some natural substances strong enough to protect against radiation.
Not seeing any risk, it of course made no move to protect people from risk.
But software is not the only way to protect digital information.
Cutting calories has been shown to increase the life span of some animals and protect them from signs of aging and disease.
GM is adding extra steel braces to the steel tunnel to further protect the battery.
They want people to be able to invent inside their ecosystem, so they need to protect it.
The seed seems to protect the rest of the structure from the influence of the underlying silicon.
It's relatively straightforward to protect this data thanks to the many kinds of data encryption algorithms that are available.
Companies should protect genuine innovation, of course.
In other words, it wasn't consumers the government was trying to protect from big business-it was small business.
The best way to protect reform, in turn, is to prove the skeptics wrong.
He knows he'll regress, and he wants to protect her from that.
To boost profits, you must cultivate the angels and protect yourself against the demons.
To protect everyone, the players were caged off from the spectators, which only heightened the physicality of the contests.
Now he believed he needed a gun more than he ever had--to protect not others but himself.
To keep out the inevitable and to protect themselves, the villagers decide to begin their world again.
People in the tropics have developed dark skin to block out the sun and protect their body's folate reserves.
We may live in a world where our only protection is educating people to protect themselves.
They protect our harvests by eating the pests and the weeds that would destroy them.
Second, it should have a more distant, giant planet to protect that inner world.
To that end, he says, the department has been creating incentives for landowners to protect natural habitats.
Some believe that the multiple pathways act as a backup system to protect certain functions in case of injury.
He later added a zeroth law that said robots much also protect humanity as a whole.
The spicules are composed of minerals-a crystalline form of calcium carbonate-and apparently help protect the sponge.
And they were farmers from all over the country who were trying to protect themselves against price swings in their crops.
Even though he thought of his editors often, and how to protect them, he grew distant from them during this period.
The interesting thing about television is the effort it takes to protect one's franchise.
We both have jobs to do and their job is to protect and my job is to expose, so there will always be tensions.
Tester moves to protect combat veterans' trophy firearms.
Good health habits may also help protect you against the flu.
Learn how to protect your neighborhood's natural resources, and get information on air and water quality in your community.
It knows how much its interests are in the balance but also how little it can do to protect them.
We should establish and protect the right to private property and promote an economic system of free and fair markets.
She is an ironist who does not protect herself with irony.
The public went along, accepting the excuse that a little tyranny was necessary to protect the population.
The easiest way to protect privacy online might be a regulation that required all sites to provide this feature.
They are about the common world, as well as the final loneliness from which the common world cannot protect us.

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