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Example sentences for prosthetics

And any movie where the dinosaurs are played by caimans and iguanas with prosthetics.
The prosthetics, physical or musical, are meant to transform the product into what people think appeals to a crowd.
It can also have applications in human health and medicine, particularly in the area of prosthetics and cerebral palsy.
The study could aid the development of prosthetics that are brain-controlled.
Their goal is to avoid the downtime inherent in motor-powered prosthetics that must be recharged.
Exoskeletons, full-body prosthetics, will ultimately connect directly to the brain as well.
With advances in medicine, biology and even prosthetics, the broad gray line will only get wider and murkier.
With longer life spans, an aging population and the increasing demand for prosthetics, the hunt is on for more durable faux bones.
The findings also have implications for the development of neural prosthetics.
It could also give rise to cheap and versatile prosthetics.
In fact, the muscles near an amputated or missing limb are sometimes used to control mechanical prosthetics.
Designers of prosthetics and artificial organs have for a long time tried to replicate the human body.
The debate over the worth of neural prosthetics isn't limited to artificial hearing.
Thanks to modern mechanical prosthetics, complete with hydraulics and microprocessors, missing a limb needn't mean missing much.
But ancient prosthetics were limited by crude materials, engineering, and surgical techniques.
Being a cyborg isn't about how many bits of silicon you have under your skin or how many prosthetics your body contains.
They had to look utterly real, and the effect couldn't be achieved with prosthetics.
They are hungry for prosthetics and yearning for time travel.
The scanners reveal the surface of the skin under clothing and prosthetics.
Transforming into an old hag isn't easy beyond the prosthetics and heavy makeup.
If you have any questions about these services, discuss them with your friendly prosthetics team.
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