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Prostate cancer is cancer that starts in the prostate gland.
Further, as the prostate is a gland, removing it can have significant impacts on health and wellbeing.
It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits.
We have shown that proteins produced by inflammatory cells are the smoking gun behind prostate cancer metastasis.
He did concede that robotic surgery could be excellent for prostate surgery.
Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that arises in the prostate gland.
The major risk factors for prostate cancer are age, family history, and ethnicity.
But he has already been able to demonstrate that infecting cancer cells with a red glow can help reveal prostate tumours.
Radiation therapy may be used as an initial treatment for localized prostate cancer.
Screening for prostate cancer does not always make sense.
Prostate cancer usually causes no symptoms in the early stages.
He had prostate cancer, and the cancer had spread to his bone marrow.
The pills belonged to his stepfather who was losing a fight with prostate cancer.
Tumors in the lungs and the prostate especially may move by about two centimeters during treatment.
It also cures prostate cancer and melanoma as well as many others.
He cites as emblematic one research project that measures the gene expression levels in prostate tumors.
Now, though, it seems there are also vitamins which might give you prostate cancer or cut your life short in other ways.
He had to abandon that to fight prostate cancer, but he might well have lost anyway.
Red meat is high in saturated fat, and is related to increased risks of colon and prostate cancer, as well as diabetes.
Another few birthdays and it will be prudent to have a physician regularly poke around my prostate.
She was by his side when he went to the hospital for prostate tests a month later and then learned he had cancer.
Last fall it was revealed that, months earlier, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
When it comes to prostate cancer in particular, tomatoes may yet offer some health benefits.
Researchers are working on developing effective methods to screen for prostate cancer.
Results of clinical trials concerning prostate cancer.
Conducts and supports research on the prevention and early detection of prostate and bladder cancer.
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