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But a university divided against itself will no more prosper or even survive than a cleaved house or country.
The only way that companies can prosper in these markets is to cut costs relentlessly and accept profit margins close to zero.
Countries that anticipate these developments can fill the gaps and prosper.
Given the right tools and encouragement, they will prosper beyond our wildest imagination.
Most berries prosper with one feeding of a complete fertilizer in early spring.
The universities that prosper in this new era are those that are lean, efficient, and responsive.
First, small countries on the fringe of rich trading areas can prosper mightily.
But gradually the collective system took hold and began to prosper.
Their citizens are missing a lot of opportunities to prosper.
Keep up the good works and may your groups continue to prosper in all your humble projects you are doing.
They are neither little people nor dogs nor something in between, and they do not prosper if kept in the human world.
They prosper in niches where customers prize quality over price.
They have sought rather to prosper as the hole in the cheese.
Low-cost airlines prosper by letting travellers avoid jammed roads and railways.
We grew up together and watched our families grow and prosper together.
She survived enormous turmoil with indomitable spirit and lived to see her family grow and prosper in a new land.
In a way showing the real creed this paper should stand for: let business prosper.
The more complex the society an animal lives in, the more wits it needs to prosper.
Offer the right after-dinner drinks, however, and the evening is guaranteed to prosper.
Some industries, such as consumer goods, continue to prosper.
The foreign aid that had been cut off was resumed, but the economy still did not prosper.
The evidence suggests that when unionism takes pragmatic and progressive positions, it can indeed prosper.
Those who anticipate and facilitate leapfrogging can prosper as a result.
Every recession has its winning economic strategies and areas that prosper.
But it is his gold business that continues to prosper.
Or they may find new ways to prosper from their natural resources.
The plants also prosper in power-line corridors, which are frequently mowed, mimicking the effects of fire.
To prevent that, nearby communities need to prosper.
We want the field to survive and, if possible, prosper.
Thus, altruistic individuals can prosper, despite the disadvantage of expending precious resources to produce the polymer.
Maybe some plants and insects will prosper, good for them.
They drive home the simple truth that basic health builds the foundation for poor communities to prosper.
Cheaters continue to prosper in their own heads, even if they fail in reality.
Cruise ship operator should prosper if hurricane and terrorism fears subside.
The corporate culture seemed to say that to pamper is to prosper.
The nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous.
They all wanted to enter public service to give back to the country that allowed them to prosper.
Real business cycle theory continued to prosper, developing an increasing stranglehold over the professional journals.
Science, technology, engineering and medicine will prosper at the expense of other subjects.
Companies that grasp these new opportunities, or provide the tools for others to do so, will prosper.
The more ideas there are, the better the chance some will prosper.
But if the airline can shed some of this weighty baggage, there is no reason why it should not prosper.
Not all firms will survive, and those that do will not all prosper equally.
Freedom to prosper is what allows for the not so wealthy to work their tails off to become wealthy.
It is understandable that every country wants to prosper.
He got regular raises and promotions, but prices rose much faster and he found it difficult to make ends meet, let alone prosper.
Its government-inspired focus mainly on one line of business helped it prosper, but may be its undoing.

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