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As universities around the world compete to fill seats, they respond to an increased interest in career prospects.
Fearsome as the prospects of sovereign default are, bankers also fret about the impact of avoiding one.
They recounted the breakthrough and offered prospects for vaccine, for therapy and for the epidemic.
Macau's prospects changed little over the next two decades.
If confirmed, the findings could heat up the prospects of finding alien life on the chilly moon.
Prospects for upward social mobility and meaningful political reform were nonexistent.
Most define the notion as advancing human endeavors without diminishing prospects for future generations.
According to these calculations, the prospects for blood-based early detection looked bleak.
Works with faculty leaders, develops and promote program-specific strategies to engage prospects.
Other renewable energy sources, particularly biofuels for transportation, also have good prospects.
But what that means for the prospects of a worldwide ban is anything but clear.
But the potential is all too real for graduating from a master's program with a degree, debt, and no immediate job prospects.
Prospects for more digs at the thousands of unexplored sites seem daunting.
Beyond the touchy subject of connectivity, what you see may be the true test of the tablet's prospects.
And for too many professors, that's where their sense of responsibility to their advisees' career prospects seems to stop.
The economic crisis has put many expansion projects on hold, but it has not diminished the long-term prospects for the oil sands.
Maybe that's boring to folks who are ready to write down the company's prospects if it doesn't put on the show they want to see.
My income has been reduced by two-thirds and my prospects are dimmer than they were previously.
In contrast, prospects for planets at the galaxy's edge are bleak.
Panelists discussed the prospects for that conference and what needs to be achieved.
Again, that's probably better for the long-term prospects of a start-up.
In the neglectful care of such tricksters, a snake's prospects for health are not good.
Such a growth agenda won't transform the rich world's prospects.
If you know how you want to focus yourself, you can ask a professor to discuss job prospects with you in that area.
Demography may not quite be destiny, but it makes a big difference to countries' economic prospects.
Far outweighing the prospects of beer and familiar terrain, however, was a keen feeling of regret.
He faces a slew of regulations, uncertainty over fish stocks and the prospects of climate change.
As more consumers buy web-enabled mobile phones, the prospects for mobile advertising can only improve.
If the crime leads to prison, future employment prospects fall off a cliff.
Prospects for the record labels absorbing the entire increase are dim.
The survey also found less-than-rosy job prospects for the rising generation of scholars.
Consumers seem to have been rattled by lower share prices and deteriorating job prospects.
If you say that, then these kind of scary prospects are going to be seen as even more imminent.
It would be great to hear your thoughts on program rigor and employment prospects upon completion.
Wal-Mart's prospects do indeed reflect those of the economy at large-but not in the way you might expect.
Prospects in emerging markets will be much brighter, driven by demand for simple financial products.
He hasn't done a jot of campaigning in the past year and his presidential prospects have risen dramatically.
For the first time in decades, the condor's prospects look brighter.
But among all the gloomy prospects, the current situation may offer an opportunity.
For the first time in a decade and a half, the prospects for reform seem genuinely promising.
And if the prospects of even higher deficits spooked the bond markets, it could disappear completely.
But the prospects looking forward are good, as long as the development pressure is kept up.
First, investors must continue coming to grips with the value of companies whose prospects defy traditional measurement.
The trouble is that many of the newcomers are moving to residential ghettos with miserable economic prospects.
And yet when people in higher education talk about its condition and its prospects, doom is often in their voices.
Financially, its prospects have never seemed bleaker.
They will have to discount the prospects of deflation and inflation, default and disintegration.
But the implications for the regime's long-term prospects are less clear.
Anxiety about job prospects percolated at panels and in hallway conversations.
Do not make decisions on the basis of inadequate information, particularly about future job prospects.
All too often, the concern about a major's practical prospects are pushed upon students by well-intentioned parents.
The students who have benefited from the opportunity so far are have no doubts that it has shaped their outlook and prospects.
What is important to the future is what job prospects will be for the increased number of graduates coming into the labor market.
They seem completely unaware that knowing how to behave will have a serious impact on their future prospects.
We sometimes court locally, but this year our top prospects are all non-Southerners, several of whom have lived abroad.
Doctoral programs have come under scrutiny regarding career prospects of graduates.
Those of us seeking tenure-track jobs are coming to terms with our diminished prospects.
All of this for entrance into a profession with dwindling job prospects.
In this context, the role and prospects for for-profit education are unclear.
Power seems to be the ultimate calling card when it comes to the top fantasy baseball prospects.
He didn't have the luxury of building up a rapport with the nation's elite prospects over several seasons.
On the face of it, more than six years after his first election, his prospects are still remarkably rosy.
Seven-day weeks, ten-hour days, low pay and uncertain prospects are widespread.
Dividends are a trivial component of share prices, and the industry's growth prospects are breathtaking, not boring.
If cautious firms pile up more savings, the prospects for recovery are poor.
The glut of homes and offices means that construction probably won't offer many prospects for the foreseeable future.
But its politics seem as dire as ever- and so do prospects for growth.
But better prospects in the countryside are also a factor.
If these are not eased, bank earnings and capital as well as the prospects for a wider economic recovery may be at risk.
Prospects for next season are looking dimmer and dimmer.
In addition, whether successful alone or not, he will suffer animosity from the others for lessening their prospects.
Delinking a provincial politician's promotion and political prospects from growth targets would be a good start.
He looked supremely sure of his prospects for success.
And for every month that they languish, their job prospects decrease.
Top executives have much more to lose, in reputation and future earnings prospects, from the collapse of their company.
But doing more of the same is hardly an option when your prospects are as bleak as they are for so many cities these days.
But that doesn't mean that the prospects are impossible for those kids from the inner city.
Their complaints are unlikely to dim the movie's prospects.
Some of the newly unemployed are clinging desperately to their adopted countries, hoping their prospects will improve.
But their prospects are still infinitely better than the other lesser-knowns.
They are inexpensive lottery tickets who may or not translate into significant prospects.
High unemployment and uncertain job prospects may have reduced the willingness of some households to commit to homeownership.
Control of growth in tilapia: developments and prospects.

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