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Twitter is going to sell a bill of goods to a prospective buyer, convince this big company of its potential value.
Notice to quit had already been served on them, when the employer decided to give in, frightened by the prospective loss of rent.
The meditator between the spiritual and the actual world should have a great prospective prudence.
The seaside location is inviting to prospective students.
Despite that fact, there is an abundance of helpful information in the book, both for tourists and for prospective residents.
Seeing the real thing makes the picture so much bigger and more in prospective of how things run.
The attractiveness of these exchanges is underscored by interest from prospective investors.
One answer is that the desire to set aside money may be so strong that savers do not require high prospective returns.
Follow-up studies now in the planning stage are expected to use prospective as well as retrospective data.
Loans are a bit easier to come by for prospective homebuyers.
Prospective candidates rack up big debts to bribe voters and political parties.
The nine-month delay in cutting mortgage tax relief postpones its restraining effect on prospective home-owners.
Some are well placed to benefit from a prospective squeeze on space.
The fact is that the traditional choices are becoming less appealing to prospective students.
Model makers had to pore over numerous prospective building plans to accurately depict the forward-looking cityscape.
All the information prospective gamers might need can be found at the game's official site.
Any such changes will be prospective, never retroactive.
As the market sinks, his opinions are even more in demand, though he's still hated by a large portion of his prospective audience.
Of course, there's a difference between a program manager's connections to a prospective contractor and the director's ties.
Prospective volunteers with personal or family histories of psychotic disorders were disqualified from the experiment.
In drug cases, in particular, prospective jurors seem increasingly unwilling to trust the testimony of the police.
Prospective housemates were usually recruited from the prayer groups.
In effect, prospective members require approval before they are added to a group.
Prospective veterinarians must have good manual dexterity.
Using randomized prospective trials in economic development policy is not new.
Let me know when they do a proper, prospective study.
We should stop sensationalizing and keep a rational, balanced prospective.
It has given me a prospective of how it is possible to live a magnificent life even if infinitely flawed or wounded.
These are good things for any prospective scientist to be aware of, but should not be confused with the scientific method itself.
After all, a prospective employee with a lot of psychological capital is likely to do well on the job and thus, be a smart hire.
When she started to burn out and didn't have the capital to renovate, she began showing the restaurant to prospective buyers.
Its size is determined by the prospective profits it will earn its investors.
Moreover, prospective patients often had to be dragged to an operating room or clinic.
Landing on the prospective host, she delivers two precise stings.
However, prospective, controlled studies are able to do exactly what you rightfully demand to know of vaccines.
Advertising his prospective sports-ranking service, he sent out hundreds of letters to newspapers.
Make a list of all current customers, past customers, and prospective customers.
That's why the results of this controlled prospective study in primates break new ground.
Renée, would advise a prospective customer to try again in a few months.
In years past, every hedge-fund manager wanted a plum spot on a panel, so they could present themselves to prospective investors.
His explanations to the prospective jurors were concise and clear, and he made himself pleasing to them.
These employers have provided in-depth profiles full of information for prospective candidates.
Evaluate how they track data on prospective students.
Colleges have a lot of leeway in how they present financial-aid information to prospective and returning students.
Many of them are characteristics that you can not directly inquire of prospective candidates.
They've done so by figuring out smarter ways to distribute aid dollars and effectively market themselves to prospective students.
For the next few minutes, they're all prospective college students.
But they also need to continually renew and refresh their pool of prospective adjuncts.
But, much to the committee's surprise, the large initial pool of prospective candidates narrowed quickly.
Maintain editorial correspondence with prospective contributors.
And so the exhibition flourishes, first as a prospective topic and then as a remembered one.
The page displays details such as her age, income, occupation and desired character traits in a prospective mate.
What's more, as prospective mates they're virtually indistinguishable.
So they ask a lot of questions about the life and values of a prospective appointee.
PR firms could use this example as a horror story to convince prospective clients of the importance of good public appearances.
Each prospective model then fills out a short questionnaire and changes into whatever lingerie or swimsuit she brought to pose in.
And it was our own disbelief which led to a comprehensive statistical investigation of the prospective type.
Given the number of station sales every year, however, even prospective standards could have some impact over ten years or so.
And offering them to prospective applicants during a recession sounds downright insane.
Attendees at a job fair line up to get information about a prospective employer.
Soon, prospective customers will have forgotten all about the strike.
Now as far as you can drive, there are foreclosed homes and empty new developments offering come-ons to prospective buyers.

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