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One overlooked benefit of aging populations may be the prospect of a more peaceful world.
Paleontologists were not optimistic about the prospect of finding dinosaurs with feathers.
The prospect of such contagion-by-calendar had shadowed every summer for the better part of a century.
With no traffic cops on the moon, the only deterrent against damaging sites might be the prospect of negative publicity.
If it were not for having to eat, this prospect would not have daunted him greatly.
For a number of reasons, this project demands my attention, and with it the humbling prospect of learning a new software.
Others scoff at the prospect of becoming a corporate lawyer, or doctor.
Stem cells raise the prospect of regenerating failing body parts and curing diseases that have so far defied drug-based treatment.
The prospect of a delusional hallucinating mate is not a pleasant one.
So, the prospect of runaway global warming are completely unrealistic.
The prospect of punishment is itself one of the inputs into the machine that determines actions.
The prospect of new resources alone would drive down speculation.
Evolution has no interest in longevity unless it increases prospect for reproduction.
If that happens, for a variety of off-topic reasons, the prospect for continued human existence seems to shrink further.
The prospect of radiation introduced a threat all its own, as invisible as the tsunami was vivid, and throbbing with history.
And to be branded a heretic in a land where there were few places to hide and fewer ways to escape was a grim prospect indeed.
Yet, because the railways offered-and sometimes delivered-the prospect of enormous wealth, the money kept flowing.
But there's something about the prospect of actually publishing one's work that brings that work into focus.
Depending on how you look at things, this is either a heartening prospect or a terrifying one.
The prospect of losing a fight evokes feelings of guilt and sadness in the player, rather than panic and self-preservation.
There is, in their view, too much to lose and to little prospect of success.
With so much attention focused on global warming, this chilly prospect has been all but forgotten.
Indeed, there is little prospect for price volatility even long range.
Maintain client base, grow existing business and prospect new accounts.
The prospect of another step towards virtual reality is really exciting, especially for newer, high action games.
Companies that have infrastructure to use a particular spectrum won't be happy at the prospect that someone could outbid them.
The findings raise the prospect that any therapy that rids the body of senescent cells would protect it from the ravages of aging.
So the prospect of having a more environmentally friendly car that is also fun to drive makes us happier.
Granted, if you believe the web is already overfreighted with babble, this prospect will fill you with dread.
At the same time, the prospect of a flood of additional cars terrifies city planners and environmentalists.
It's an alluring prospect, but the approach is still viewed with some suspicion by mainstream psychiatrists.
It's an intriguing prospect, but ancient strains of greed, fear and narcissism have so far proven remarkably resilient.
He was not recovering, nor did he have any prospect of recovering.
It would be wrong to consider the prospect of legal jeopardy unlikely.
Finally, there is the prospect that life began in yet another way.
Or leaders may realise that the prospect of years of austerity is stirring bad blood.
The government is worried at the prospect of a two-tier system.
But globally there is little prospect of a big rise because of the expense.
Now even the optimists fear this wonderful prospect may be a mirage.
US domestic demand is flat and unlikely to rise unless investment is driven up by the prospect of an exports surge.
Despite the prospect of dilution, shareholders reacted positively in after-hours trading.
The price of many commodities continued to soar, in part because of the prospect of a weaker dollar.
Whereas a strong currency was once a symbol of national pride, few countries appear to relish the prospect today.
But the prospect of migrating spurs people in poor countries to acquire marketable skills.
Any normal species would be delighted at the prospect of cloning.
To many of us, as the peak vacation season draws near, travel may seem a less appealing prospect than it has ever been.
But many film directors are actually aghast at the prospect of more government interference.
Stock prices can rise sharply on the prospect on improving profits.

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