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Being a prosecutor means never having to say you're sorry.
It was not immediately known if the prosecutor planned to retry the other defendants.
Carrion would not speculate about motives or suspects, saying only that the local prosecutor was conducting the investigation.
Weeks later the prosecutor was still trying to get her to confess.
It was not immediately known if the prosecutor planned to retry the defendants.
The prosecutor now faces charges of abusing his office.
If the prosecutor is obliged to choose his cases, it follows that he can choose his defendants.
The prosecutor has to ask for it, and the jury has to give it.
The prosecutor who initially pursued the lacrosse players, who was then up for election, is now facing disciplinary proceedings.
Few, however, expected the prosecutor to present such a feast of bad behaviour.
As he was being handcuffed, a prosecutor screamed insults at him.
After a public outcry, another inquiry by a special independent prosecutor was announced.
The case was brought by civil plaintiffs, against the advice of the public prosecutor.
The case and the topics which are inseparable from it are brought here by the prosecutor.
Painter, who is a veteran federal computer crimes prosecutor, did his best to contribute to the merriment.
Better yet, suppose the judge didn't even read the books and instead simply listened to the prosecutor read excerpts aloud.
At a prosecutor's request, they took away the foetus.
The government has sent a bill to parliament to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate corruption.
The prosecutor's office won permission to hold the four executives at a detention centre for ten days for further questioning.
The combined firepower of the legislature, judiciary, the public prosecutor and even the army is being deployed.
He was arrested, but found out while dining with a public prosecutor that his case had been dropped.
His home-made bombs targeted the prosecutor's office, the city government headquarters, and the food and drug administration.
The information was forwarded to the prosecutor handling the federal case, who kept it in his office.
Any prosecutor who would do that is suspect in my view.
Some of the other indicted officers are white, as is the prosecutor.
Grippes met the retired public prosecutor on the landing and they discussed the nuclear threat.
The indictments prepared by the public prosecutor are almost surreally obtuse.
The college has forwarded records to the county prosecutor, but no charges have been filed.
The state prosecutor's office said one of the students died of a bullet wound and the other was fatally struck by a rock.
Goldsmith, a former prosecutor, initially welcomed the promise of new police officers.
And many of the cases they bring are ones that no sane prosecutor would ever file.
The prosecutor in the case says he is sure the conviction was right.
One partner was convicted of bribing a prosecutor to drop a customer's drug charge.
He surrendered early to the demand for an independent prosecutor because he felt so secure about the innocuousness of the case.
Most units in the criminal division have a designated prosecutor devoted to early plea negotiations.
Now, prosecutor's offices around the country have service dogs.
The evidence the prosecutor has presented is clear and compelling.
N ever underestimate the power of a great prosecutor.
He was starved of resources and was facing a prosecutor who not only hid exculpatory evidence from the defense but lied.

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