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Also subsequent action by the prosecution service and the courts.
He should state unequivocally that he will not propose a law to render the head of state immune from criminal prosecution.
Of course the top officers lose their jobs and can be subject to criminal prosecution.
Another new technology made available with overtures of investigative purposes for criminal prosecution.
The prosecution may well try to have him answer to more.
But the lack does make the legal basis for prosecution kind of weak.
After hearing evidence from the prosecution and the defense, juries decide the facts.
The ratings agencies were given immunity from prosecution.
After eight years, it is finally batter up for the prosecution.
Prosecution officials refused to comment on the report.
He recently reoccupied his parliamentary seat-though some suggest this was largely an attempt to secure immunity from prosecution.
Close calls at the sentencing stage are always to be decided in favor of the prosecution.
The president's immunity from prosecution while he is in office evaporates when he steps down.
The prosecution treads on a gray area largely avoided by federal law enforcement until now.
The threats of prosecution and persecution have usually been enough to keep polygamists subdued.
Ordinary citizens can help migrants without risking prosecution.
The matter of the botched prosecution faded from public view.
Prosecution after the fact would be a catastrophic failure.
The case for the prosecution is all smoke and mirrors, a tissue of half-truths perched on the thinnest of proof.
Instead, the prosecution relied on the testimony of its witnesses.
He has denied the allegations against him and maintains that the prosecution is politically motivated.
During the investigation, the media were drip-fed lurid details of the prosecution's case.
It follows an agreement that gives him and his loyalists immunity from prosecution.
The law provides no clear remedy, since the statute of limitations bars prosecution for abuses that occurred decades ago.
It then allows prosecution over royalty rates, or restrictions on licensing.
The president now finds himself accused of being both a warmonger for entering the war and a wimp for his lame prosecution of it.
Officials believe that, by lifting fears of prosecution, the policy has encouraged addicts to seek treatment.
It employed the head of security of the local prosecution service as its in-house lawyer.
The prosecution mentioned the introduction of a purchase order on the trees, which would place monetary value on the trees.
Then and only then make a decision on prosecution, so that there is no scintilla of haste or heat.
The prosecution had alleged she had a significant role in the operation.

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