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So it should be easy for you to win a civil action against homeopaths, or to get the police to prosecute them.
There have been several incidents where they had to fire and/or prosecute baggage screeners at some airports.
Certainly, whether there is enough evidence to prosecute them is debatable.
But there is a law on paper to prosecute the offender.
The department does prosecute criminal acts of infringement, although rarely.
Officials say that they are determined to arrest and prosecute the culprits.
The government is still riddled with corruption, and not nearly enough has been done to prosecute crooked officials.
However, it has faced criticism for failing to prosecute the ringleaders.
The conspiracy charge is much more of a long shot to prosecute since it would require proving intent.
It is axiomatic in criminal law that it is tougher to prosecute a case the second time around.
Yet, some officials still try to prosecute citizens based on laws that seem increasingly out of step with social mores.
When there are any doubts in these cases, the public prosecutor usually decides to prosecute.
In that case, the world's largest movie chain pressured local authorities to prosecute.
Authorities tried to prosecute him on hacking charges but ran into difficulty since he was authorized to use the computer system.
The vagueness of the legislation means that the authorities may prosecute for lavish entertainment as well as more blatant bribes.
There are also plenty of rabid music industry lawyers with a history of going to great lengths to prosecute copyright violators.
In another situation,a railway company wants to prosecute road users who jump the barriers at the level crossings.
Which is a different thing than to prosecute people who individually committed crimes, regardless of ethnicity.
Regulators will be better able to prosecute unscrupulous fishermen.
The light sentence annoyed the publishers, who had gone to considerable expense to prosecute him.
In any nation the decision to prosecute a crime is an executive one.
He prosecuted many more persons than it was usual to prosecute then, and far more than have been prosecuted since.
He escaped, but was unable to secure means to prosecute his adventurous explorations.
It was more than time to prosecute his purposed voyage.
The names of the suspects had already been leaked to the press, thus hampering efforts to successfully prosecute them.
The government hopes this information will include evidence of allegedly criminal activity it can use to prosecute this case.
Government officials say they will prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law.
The anti-corruption authority was set up, though without the power to prosecute.
Marijuana is technically illegal but police don't prosecute people for possession of small amounts and it is sold openly in cafes.
They may move forward, for example, if local authorities are unwilling or unable to prosecute a crime of bias.
All office locations work closely with local police to prosecute crimes in their respective regions.
Recipient fraud is generally left to local district attorneys to prosecute.

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