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It's a comic book kind of story anchored in novelistic prose, so it's definitely my kind of read.
It includes teaching prose fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry.
Public performances and popular prose works were necessary distractions from the writing of poetry.
Her prose is luminous, often deeply personal, and transporting in the pan-sensory way that only the best travel writing can be.
Stein had interviewed dozens of survivors, tracked down a number of original records and rendered the story in taut prose.
They do not write behind a veil of careful academic prose that weighs and measures each sentence.
His prose is clear and concise, which unfortunately is not the norm in science writing.
The book has burned up the charts, relatively speaking, for such an unapologetically cerebral piece of prose.
But, if you're in the mood to read some great scientific prose and dive deep into an idea, these old papers can be a delight.
Because proposals live or die not on the beauty of your prose, but on the structure of your argument.
The thickness of his prose may persuade the many, but persuasion by bluff does not entail correctness.
It's not the prose so much as the relation and whether it's sarcastic.
Fill your prose with difficult or unnecessary words and they can switch off at a minute's notice.
But sometimes prose isn't the best in terms of precision, and almost always lacks in economy.
The prose is vivid with sensory detail and has a light, lilting cadence to it.
Tell them to bring two copies, one for you and one for them, so that you might review the prose together.
Somehow it had been easier for him to have his ideas battered generally than to have specific mistakes in prose highlighted.
Then it happened: a moment of anger that propelled him to write the first prose book somebody actually wanted to publish.
His prose is magnificent, and as a stylist alone, he should and will be read forever.
Your writing can improve if you spend time in the company of good prose.
It would be great if the lemma was describable in prose.
The anxiety of many job seekers shows through in their letters, usually in wooden, awkward prose.
They were either rudimentary drawings or text-heavy transcriptions of his unintelligible prose.
Be aware that writing for corporations rarely begins and ends with crafting powerful prose.
It makes my academic prose better and breaks me of bad habits in my writing.
Its prose aims for tough-minded simplicity but keeps landing on simpleminded sententiousness.
Lavishly talented as both a storyteller and a prose stylist, he is notable for his skill and his fertility.
And a powerful thematic undercurrent of his oratory and prose was race.
So it's not surprising that his prose demonstrates an unusual blend of sophistication and accessibility.
The word is so loaded with baleful connotations that it tends to empurple any surrounding prose.
Only then can they start to discover the secret of the prose behind the prose.
It is fair to say that the journal's prose style has rushed downhill since those first lyrical pages.
It's bad enough when used indiscriminately to tart up homely prose.
Not only does he tell a fascinating story, he tells it in crisp, coruscating prose.
The result was a prose masterpiece, though one which modern scholars prefer to call an adaptation rather than a translation.
Lucid prose and vivid examples make the book admirably accessible to non-specialists.
Now they have the treaty, many of the same people are muttering and wailing about unresolved problems hidden in its leaden prose.
To which she might have added: and your prose style.
Prose of that quality is of itself enough to commend this work.
By their nature these letters are quite different from the polished prose of the memoirs.
There are some useful colour diagrams and photographs, and the prose is jaunty.
The prose, however, is more efficient than uplifting.
Reading that prose is one of the great joys that literacy bestows on the sentient.
His genius as a prose writer emerges in the directness of language here.
But there will be something, and it will probably be prose or poetry in length, and it will have some kind of impact on us.
Programmers' coding styles are as distinctive as writers' prose styles.
His prose had an emotionally rich, poetic quality that impressed her.
Of course, the muscular prose of the master polemicist makes short work of the accusations.
H e seemed to have read everything and he had the rare faculty of being able to quote longish staves of prose from memory.
She was an occasional contributor to these pages, and her lively, nostalgic prose always met with great approval from readers.
Let's start with one of the more spectacular examples of menu prose.
His public speeches have mostly consisted of boilerplate prose.
He can defeat opponents even when outgunned on the merits, thanks largely to the erudition and élan of his prose.
The unsaid hovers over the said, and colors the prose with a kind of eerie glow.
He called them up through cocaine and morphine, through the pain in his throat, and into a perfect clarity of prose.
His talent for spotting detail, for capturing in prose the slightest shift in light or in a character's mood was unmatched.
But the result was a sprawling masterpiece of glowing historical prose and psychological power.

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