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But hulls during those propulsion revolutions remained essentially the same.
The trouble is that having two propulsion systems doubles the engine weight.
For years big ship propulsion had a standard configuration: a propeller in the rear with a rudder behind it to steer.
They were not dependent upon the wind for propulsion.
In fact, this frictionless propulsion could have any number of uses.
Electric vehicles will do more than revolutionize automotive propulsion.
He has now turned his attention to another pressing requirement of the space industry: better propulsion.
Their craft employs thin-film solar power generation and photon propulsion.
Electricity really is the ideal form of propulsion for the automobile because it is clean and quiet.
Hence all the effort that has gone into developing low-cost means of orbital propulsion.
To produce any kind of useful propulsion energy from heat requires a heat engine.
He was uneasy that it aligned a ban on nuclear propulsion with one on weapons.
All this rather irks those working on liquid propulsion.
He does this by using a propulsion system called a ducted fan.
Laser propulsion is one way to get around the low exhaust velocity problem.
But none have used solar sails as the sole means of propulsion in a spacecraft.
They have no independent means of propulsion and either drift on the currents or catch the wind with their pneumatophores.
Robots will also do initial reconnaissance for places presently too remote because of our limited propulsion technology.
Both are trying to commercialize the technology, envisioning it as a means for next-generation propulsion.
Electric motors provide propulsion, while two gasoline engines drive generators that keep the juice flowing.
Plus, because the drones don't have a motor or propulsion system, they're essentially noiseless.
For all these flying squid species, jet propulsion is the key for getting out of the water in the first place.
The idea of using mini-magnetospheres in propulsion originated a couple of years ago.
Also a guided bomb would seem to be the appropriate vehicle rather than a missile which implies a propulsion system.
In this case, solar cells on the sail will generate electricity for propulsion.
Hybrids are defined as vehicles that have two propulsion sources, commonly an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.
In theory, a solar sail could be used as propulsion for round-trip missions in the solar system.
Without heavy magnets, the reactor would be lightweight enough for spacecraft power and propulsion.
And yet for birds, wing flapping is a highly efficient means of propulsion.
Turbo shafts convert the propulsion from turbos into torque to spin generators.
Instead, mobility is a result of give-and-take between the user's self-propulsion and the walker's automated reactions.
Then they'll learn how to tap into this energy field for extremely fast propulsion and clean energy production.
Rail gun technology can be used for asteroid and low gravity planetary mining, and propulsion.
It has to perform--the first stage, the upper stage all have to work together, and it has to have the right propulsion system.
His novel jet propulsion merely meant that he broke his neck, rather than his legs.
The drive wheels then rotate as necessary, to achieve both balance and propulsion.
The revolution in electric car propulsion was electronic control systems, but that improvement has already been booked.
The amount of fuel one would need for propulsion would be less than first imagined, as there is no resistance.
One of these things is cable, which has come to replace the chain as a coaster's chief method of propulsion.
But some use more active methods of self-propulsion, including shooting a stream of water from their mouths.
The system ionizes liquid metal cesium and ejects little batches of ions to provide propulsion.
Typical jet propulsion pushes water in a straight stream.
Install an ion propulsion engine and send it slowly to its destination.
But first it has to be made safe, and this means making sure the propulsion systems are clean.
It would be better to stop sending rockets up and use the money to find and develop a totally different type of propulsion system.
These objects are clearly under their own propulsion.
Solar sails capture the momentum from photons of solar radiation to provide propulsion.
That's a speed estimated for rockets using fusion for propulsion.
Each story was a report, essentially a series of gags, rather than a story with its own comic jet propulsion.

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