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See props, including replica boats, and a gallery of images from the film.
The whales and fish should have special hats, fins, or other props for identification.
The map comes with a trunk of rich activities, games, props and educational resources.
Can't do much to change the pressure difference either since this is what makes the props turn.
It would have taken an essay to said what he/she said in a paragraph, props.
If sustained for too long, short-time working schemes can become artificial props for industries that need to shrink.
But technology, which has done so much damage to the recorded-music business, increasingly props it up.
Some even held up images or props ridiculing the various leaders of the country.
No, when you come down to it, they are props in a piece of high-toned silliness.
It was fun to see the other members of the crew get some moments and props.
Random props and accessories that don't register on camera are scattered all over the place.
As luxury sinks in the recession, high-priced yoga props are hot.
The politics of ethnocentrism props up the parties that really don't have anything else to offer the populace.
All the voice actors got together for three weeks to perform the film as a sort of stage play with minimal props and sets.
He was on fire tonight, so props to him for how well he shot the ball.
It is full of glittery costumes and spectacular props.
When not being eclipsed by props and wardrobe, the actors are reduced to playing broad caricatures.
But these things are only settings and props for the characters and what they have to say.
The training materials and props presented in this program have been gathered from a variety of sources.
Body props were not used, or were used improperly, in a majority of the accidents.
In a few cases, the props were used but they failed.

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