propriety in a sentence

Example sentences for propriety

By then a raucous debate over the propriety of reporting on candidates' personal lives had already begun.
Acquired notions of propriety are stronger than natural instincts.
And this species may with propriety be called the cutting off of infinity.
Propriety and understatement characterize the quiet enclave bordering midtown.
If an item of depreciation raises a question of propriety, develop further.
Must be able to integrate propriety software with network software.
Animals do not have the sense of cleanliness or propriety that humans do.
Ethical propriety of listings by lawyers and law firms in out-of-town telephone directories.
Review all voids for propriety and regulation compliance.

Famous quotes containing the word propriety

Neither look at nor listen to what is improper; do not speak or act without observing propriety.... more
It is little wonder that rape is one of the least-reported crimes. Perhaps it is the only crime in which the victim beco... more
I am afraid that the pleasantness of an employment does not always evince its propriety.... more
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