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Excavating there would require tunneling into cliffs-a dangerous proposition-with no guarantee of finding anything.
The failure to distinguish between argumentation and opinion made reasoning with this student a hopeless proposition.
That's a labor-intensive proposition, one that has changed the dynamics of admissions work on the campus.
But, this doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition.
How about this proposition: publish anything at all, online, in science blogs.
Yet the book can be read as a long argument-a seven-hundred-page-long argument-for this last proposition.
Health insurance is limited in what it covers and far from universal, so getting sick can be a costly proposition.
But it wasn't until recently that, owing to advances in drilling technology, extracting the gas became a lucrative proposition.
Propping up power is, generally, a less dodgy proposition than defying it.
But, as a proposition under scrutiny, it makes intolerable demands on logic.
To slap a branded ad on a piece of user-generated content in the site's early days, frankly, was a risky business proposition.
It is an expensive and technically formidable proposition.
There hasn't been a business plan articulated, there hasn't been a consumer proposition articulated.
Haynes provided no legal authority for that proposition, and none exists.
Over the past decade or so, however, a number of new findings have cast doubt on this proposition.
Removing sulfur is a stinky proposition for oil refineries.
Anthropogenic global warming was an extremely over-ambitious proposition to start with.
We can think of a theory as a proposition that has been proven.
On the figures you give compressed air would indeed be an attractive proposition.
Open scientific discussion is an interesting proposition.
Or, to put this proposition in more neutral language, context matters more in some domains than in others.
It will then make a formal proposition to creditors.
Spin-offs are solely reliant on the markets to continue funding them, which is a risky proposition if you study history.
At first sight, doing away with paper and letting computers register votes seems an attractive proposition.
As a piece of advice on manners, the proposition that freedom of expression should be exercised responsibly may well be sound.
The game is so named because the proposition is an ultimatum.
While the market is exciting, and is theoretically the way to go, this proposition is not posited in a vacuum.
Evidence supporting the proposition seems to surround us.
It is how they have handled these choices and how they feel about their decisions that leaves the proposition open to debate.
To the average reader, the proposition that poetry's audience has declined may seem self-evident.
We are told by logicians that a proposition must be either true or false, and that there is no middle term.
But as taxes rise, this rapidly becomes a less attractive economic proposition.
Those details you mention can make the difference between a reasonable proposition and a wild apocalyptic pronouncements.
Replacing a leach field is an expensive proposition that costs thousands of dollars.
On the contrary, the record of more than a century of our free exercise jurisprudence contradicts that proposition.

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