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Example sentences for proposed

Proposed changes to the military's retirement system have been much in the news lately.
It was proposed last month by faculty leaders who argue.
The proposed new bank taxes are the right solution to the wrong problem.
The proposed road would block both northward and southward migrations.
Public-private partnership proposed to develop pharmaceuticals.
The letter should explain and outline the proposed story idea, and suggest an appropriate month or season.
Researchers who study the brain's perception of time have previously proposed several ways our mental clock might work.
The president has proposed a five-year freeze of discretionary spending, excluding national security spending.
The agency will also want to know why your proposed activities are worth the risk of investment.
Based on a visitor's street address, the site generates a map showing the closest proposed nuclear transport routes.
Proposed posture for a feathered dinosaur stirs controversy.
The scientists proposed that it may be a matter of size.
The proposed legislation also would reinstate a ban on newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership.
It suggests the impact may have come from a much more modestly sized foreign body than previous research has proposed.
The logic behind the proposed revisions, therefore, merits a further look.
Some researchers have proposed that that only names published in peer-reviewed publications should be acceptable.
The proposed settlement releases those companies from the lawsuit, as well.
Over time, researchers have proposed several theories for the extinctions.
The rise and the fall of the seas has been proposed as one of the drivers of these changes.
The administration also withdrew a proposed rule that would have weakened air pollution controls for coal-fired plants.
Last week's proposed definition was meant to apply to all planets in the universe.
The proposed museum would be both inland and underwater.
First, it cannot be the study already proposed and underway.
While some students are happy to see the survey courses go, not all welcome the proposed change.
The journal article notes that it was submitted and approved for publication before the policy change was proposed.
The proposed settlement still requires final court approval.
With dinosaur-on-dinosaur combat ruled out, the researchers looked at diseases that had been proposed to account for the damage.
One of the original proposed sites contained nests of birds known as petrels.
The hypothesis is the latest in a string of diseases proposed to explain the small-bodied fossils.
For years, scientists have proposed supercharging algae growth by dumping tons of iron into the ocean.
The authors have proposed a scenario that truly reaches the limits of conscious thinking.
But from time to time, people have proposed that non-avian dinosaurs may also still be hanging around.
More than that can not get any were proposed over a thousand years.
To guard against these dangers he proposed certain modifications of the representative system.
Those whose hours of employment are proposed to be limited-Times.
The insignificant duties proposed to be placed on food-Times.
The lie of the land was such that the proposed meeting-place had the lake upon the one side and the forest upon the other.
Three theories are currently proposed to explain the swirly enigmas.
The new proposed language got mixed reactions from the panel.
Since then, many colleges have submitted to the administration their own proposed solutions.
Rather, proposed federal and state policies could have a disproportionate impact on his students.
The proposed change in the grant program came as a surprise to many lawmakers, according to news reports.
Other lawyers have proposed even more grounds for legal trouble.
Harvard is yet to comment officially on the proposed changes, which, although approved have not yet been fully designed.
Designs have been proposed before that include floating or flying solar arrays.
Recently my team proposed a possible physiological mechanism underlying sleepwalking.
It's compelling evidence for the long-proposed link between the immune system and certain psychiatric disorders.
It's been proposed that other, exploding stars could be the reason.
Some biologists have proposed that bats evolved echolocation to aid in hunting insects before they acquired flight.
As an alternative, his team proposed that human cells might prevent the chimpanzee viruses from even invading.
The proposed guidelines expand long-used postseason bans, scholarship reductions and show-cause orders.
Many theories have been proposed to explain the phenomenon.
Scientists have proposed two basic models for the formation of the jets.
To prevent floods he proposed cut-offs to straighten and speed the river.
The proposed transaction for our building gives us the right to buy back the space at the end of the lease.
He proposed tying federal aid to improvements in affordability.
And no one in a position to act has proposed a realistic way out of this debt, not even in theory.
Every protester may have his or her own proposed solution.
Social impact measures based on tweets are proposed to complement traditional citation metrics.
To avoid this, it is proposed that computers be set to work merely indexing foreign articles as to subject and general content.
But that place is a tiny cottage compared to the proposed new headquarters.
Two alternative programs to combat the disease have been proposed.
Scientists haven't yet found all the reasons for this network of woes, but they have proposed various causes.
Put your faith in the almighty, he proposed, and you stand to gain everything.
Three perfectly respectable theories for lunar origin had been proposed.
In particular, two different mechanisms have been proposed: imitation and emulation.
Not surprisingly, free-spirited inventors have proposed all kinds of ideas for harvesting energy from the vacuum.
To drive home the point, they then proposed to do the ground-based survey.
They don't go into any further detail, nor do they mention that their proposed scheme will do nothing about it.
Archeologists have proposed four conflicting theories.
Memories were made or altered, he proposed, when structures near the synapse changed.
Of course, there is more than one problem, and there are many different reasons for disagreeing with proposed solutions.
Responsible and irresponsible solutions have been proposed.
However if its under c its probably been proposed its equivalent of looking at the real universe.
Astronomers have proposed two solutions to this conundrum.
Many other ways of storing energy from intermittent power sources have been proposed, and some have been put to limited use.
They proposed to use trustees who would authenticate you.
Proposed exotic life chemistries lack a determining macromolecule conformation mechanism.
In fact, the proposed innovation depends upon these two factors.
Actually, the newly proposed budget focuses much more on robotic exploration of the solar system.
But back then nobody had any equipment that even came close to being able to do what is proposed, those cameras where primitive.

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