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Players searched for a good pickup game, owners digested a new proposal and each side anxiously awaited an arbitration decision.
It is unclear how much of the jobs proposal will get enacted given the acrimony between the two political parties.
If the proposal were put into legislation, that key question would have to be answered.
The actual monitoring system proposal doesn't actually require much new from industrialized countries.
Sunset will develop a proposal customized to your marketing objectives.
Since then, increasingly bad climate news has only heightened interest in the proposal.
Before you can write a dissertation, you must write a dissertation proposal.
He deserves credit for an honest and daring proposal.
Finally, the proposal falls into the trap of thinking of global warming as a process that only involves a temperature change.
Getting published usually starts with a book proposal.
Overlooking that side of the equation indicates an agenda-driven proposal.
Don't explicitly state any goals, objectives, or hypotheses in your grant proposal.
So the department revised its proposal with more specifics.
Too bad there's not much science to back up the proposal.
But it replaces a proposal that was the stuff of nightmares.
They'd present a business proposal centered around two primary tracks.
Don't let your proposal become an unreadable swamp of alphabet soup.
In it, a proposal is made to the subject to unevenly split a sum of money.
Your proposal will be read by busy scientists who probably are not expert in your exact area of interest.
But a proposal to allow limited fishing for scientific purposes was struck down by the panel.
The climate change benefits were merely considered an added benefit of a proposal thought would have gone forward anyway.
After more than five hours of talks, his proposal was rejected.
Your proposal is interesting, and it should be tested, as you say.
But the proposal looked as if it had been scribbled on the back of an envelope.
Their error was to put their indecent proposal in writing, in an e-mail pitch.
We had to write a grant proposal for a project unrelated to our area of specialty.
Athletes, though, have yet to weigh in on the proposal.
The proposal should be due and marked before they go on to the next step.
Completion of coursework, comps, and proposal defense.
It's an intriguing proposal-one that made me wonder if we'd soon be eating whale again.
There is no indecorum in the proposal's coming from the parent of either side.
She turns with her proposal to a staff doctor who, after a few words, soon understands her.
For the power of filling up their own vacancies on the part of the colleges was by this proposal to be transferred to the people.
Another new proposal is intriguing-thanks, in part, to its provenance.
But it is unclear whether the president's proposal is anything more than playing to the gallery.
Another proposal was to ban the use of primates caught in the wild.
Not all businesses stand to lose from the proposal, however.
To my delight, the program officer encouraged me to submit a proposal seeking a seven-figure grant.
Giving by wealthy donors could also be affected by another proposal in the budget plan.
To counter the department's proposal, a group of panel members agreed to develop alternative language for consideration.
The current proposal for the future of manned space flight is logically sound, but politically non-viable.
The proposal was streamlined and is therefore more feasible.
Perhaps no proposal, though, is more controversial than one to resume the ivory trade.
We thought that this library marriage proposal was pretty adorable.
The logs are not sold on the open market as in the second proposal below.
The proposal will have little effect on the economy but could cause more harm than good.
Sprung says the proposal on corporate taxes is a trial balloon.
The proposal languished and the house was boarded-up.
So it certainly looks as if the proposal is affordable.
But before dismissing the proposal out of hand, the alternative has to considered.
Indeed, there are no plans in the proposal to replace the lost power because none is needed.
One bold solution: a proposal to supplement private vaccine production with a federal initiative.
The proposal is to increase that by another ten per cent.
The proposal that chimps are more evolved in terms of cellular advancements, not mental ability, is not so unreasonable.
The proposal for voter-verified paper ballots is both practical and intuitive.
In my view, there is still no feasible proposal for a non-thermal mechanism.
Every proposal requires more mandatory controls on peoples behavior.
Each proposal should be self-contained and written with clarity and thoroughness.
It's a mix-and-match proposal that is worthy of discussion.
Depending on the scope of the proposal project and the proposal call being answered, this stepwise process may take days to weeks.
He applauds the law's proposal to study changes in the way care is paid for and medicine is practiced.
We only agreed that by the next meeting the proposal for an initial declaration would be drafted.
In these talks, however, it appears that the breadth of her proposal is causing friction.
It was one spending proposal that never got off the ground.
One new proposal, though, has the potential for similarly disastrous environmental harm.
Especially this kind of progressive proposal that uses old nuclear fuel to power it.
The meat ant proposal is not quite shovel-ready, of course.
The proposal has sparked a debate over whether new rovers can be trusted to not disturb the hallowed ground.
He says that if the board had rejected his proposal, he would have ended the project and left the genome unpublished.

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