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Example sentences for proportionally

The proportionally long necks of sauropods must have had some adaptive advantage for the trait to be so widespread and persistent.
The people that use the oil should pay for those protections proportionally.
Each subsequent years workforce pays more taxes and receives proportionally less benefits than the previous years.
First, energy use in industrialized countries id not growing proportionally to population.
There is nothing wrong with expecting those blessed with more wealth to contribute more proportionally.
Nevertheless, the current discharged into their smaller bodies is much larger proportionally.
At a certain point, each incremental gain in efficiency at a given skill requires proportionally more increments of effort.
But it gets worse because that decline is not shared proportionally.
Encourage creativity in others, and yours grows proportionally.
By proportionally weakening synapses, the brain ensures that they retain the same strength relative to each other.
Some tiny spiders have brains that are so proportionally big that they spill out into their legs.
That's proportionally less than a single grain of sugar in a cup of coffee.
Field strength is inversely proportionally to distance squared.
Most of this handbook is in proportionally spaced type.
Proportionally spaced type uses different widths for different characters.
All rates are applied proportionally for containers of sizes other than listed, unless stated otherwise.
Delegates are distributed proportionally, based on the outcomes of the caucuses.
One hopes that her grasp of material will grow and that her power to squeeze will grow proportionally.
If no candidate gets two-thirds of the vote, delegates are distributed proportionally.

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