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It's almost impossible to maintain a house properly without one.
Others don't properly proofread their submissions, or they send far more material than was requested.
Pension systems in rich countries are not working properly.
The larger group of these insects is more properly called the praying mantids.
One day he forgot to vent some of his bottles properly and they blew up.
If you notice leaks in the system, either at the fittings or emitters, make sure the tubing is properly fitted.
Ennui is a cognitive gift, but it must be properly unlocked.
Videotaping at factory farms wouldn't be necessary if the industry were properly regulated.
Closed captioning for deaf users was not properly supported.
Handlers' expectations may be stopping sniffer dogs doing their jobs properly.
Many retailers will pick up your old appliance when delivering the new one to properly dispose it.
The traditional view of proteins is that, right after being synthesized, they must fold into a unique shape to function properly.
To do it properly required a total understanding of the art and culture that gave rise to particular modes of writing.
The plants we're discussing here are properly called pelargoniums.
That's why it's best to make sure your secret agent gear is top quality and working properly.
Slow and patient reading, by contrast, properly belongs to our leisure hours.
In the past the figure was lower, because not everybody was well-nourished enough for their genes to express themselves properly.
Rainwater can be wonderfully pure when it falls through unpolluted air directly into a clean, properly constructed container.
Electric cars could cut greenhouse gas emissions if used properly.
Wise advice, but it took a long time to properly chew all that food.
Supposedly it can take some time to start working properly.
Group reckons such policies could push pharmaceuticals companies to embrace innovations that ensure pills are properly used.
Properly installed insulation acts as a blanket for the entire home.
Rats exposed to high levels of chemical pollutants in fish oil could not regulate fat properly.
Hundreds of people have tried to win this prize, all have failed when tested using a properly controlled scientific method.
Failure to cook or store the food properly can cause further contamination.
How to ensure the environment is properly accounted for.
Influenza, as it's properly known, causes up to half a million deaths a year worldwide.
Conventional culture methods don't work for heart cells--they tend to lose their shape and stop functioning properly.
Don't forget the sort of crunchy rice from the bottom of a properly made paella.
It's one of those cases where pervious concrete is less bad than regular pavement, if used properly.
Keep your engine tuned and your tires properly inflated.
It was more that the music sounded properly new, part of something larger, and still unnamed.
The students' task was to attach the candle to a wall so that it burned properly and did not drip wax on the table or the floor.
When the body does not properly manage insulin levels, diabetes and other metabolic disorders are familiar outcomes.
Not everyone is mature enough or knowledgeable enough to properly care for these snakes when the reach adult sizes.
Either give up on the booze altogether or learn to drink properly.
State and federal studies indicate that thousands of water and sewer systems may be too old to function properly.
Eating one properly takes three steps: first, forget your table manners.
But when properly managed the flow of uptime with a mediative mind is both a boost for creativity, problem solving and virtuosity.
If it could function properly wouldn't it be even more objectionable than a human censor.
Many proteins will not work properly unless they are coated with the right mixture of sugar molecules.
The fact should be laid out properly in any source of media.
Both of these require a big screen to avoid flipping between open windows, and to let me see the pictures properly.
Underpaid and ill-equipped rangers have little incentive to do their jobs properly.
Seasonal affective disorder--the winter blues--can be lifted with bright light, as long as treatment is timed properly.
Infrastructure investment today, if properly allocated, will surely create a better tomorrow for generations.
The size and distance of the blocks will be determined when the image is properly processed.
He says it did not properly consult residents or include thorough water studies.
At present the auditors, actuaries and regulators involved say they have done their job properly or refuse to comment.
In people with diabetes these cells have stopped working properly.
Actually, a pilot should be able to do that in a properly designed and constructed airplane.
Properly exploited, geothermal sources could generate perhaps fifty times that amount.
But in between, there are a substantial number of properly skeptical people.
Thanks to some dubious accounting, a large number of such schemes have not been funded properly.
What good are these devices if they are not working properly or properly charged.
But these elements fit together in ways which never properly repeat themselves.
Economists argue that the best way to encourage people to be more frugal would be to price water properly.
But let's consider the ways in which these words are properly used.
Some of the discs, which he always took good care of, wouldn't play properly.
Patients who do not take their prescriptions properly can build up big medical bills.
After all the parts are in place, it may be necessary to readjust the linkage so the stopper closes properly.
Food that hasn't been served properly have to be tossed.
The famous astronaut has maintained he intended to say it properly and believes he did.
The fact is, beef actually improves in flavor if it is aged properly for a week or two.
The gas was contained in some pressurized canisters, one of which failed to discharge properly when its valve was opened.
It is a powerful source of energy, but it can be dangerous unless it is properly controlled.
Heck, they still struggle with how to summarize an article properly.
She will have one or two which she may have the means to raise properly.
Thanks to its elongated nature, a football will spiral when thrown properly.
There are lots of programs available, but each has drawbacks, and getting cameras to work properly is a huge headache.
To properly diminish your glycogen levels, incorporate longer-than-usual workouts into your program.
Do it properly and you might get featured in a gallery and make millions.
But in truth few are properly investigated, and even when cases do reach court, proceedings can drag on for years.
Reputable recyclers will properly scrap unusable electronics, though they sometimes charge a small fee.
Investigating corruption properly and publicly implies that it exists, which disillusions fans and deters sponsors.
It is only part of a complex mechanism called body, which requires an environment to function properly.
Keep your tires properly inflated, get regular tuneups and change your air and oil filters.
The truth is that any technology is only secure when used properly.
Make sure that your tires are always properly inflated.
She says she's short and often can't reach bowls to stir properly.
Renewable flooring materials include traditional hardwood flooring, which replenishes if properly harvested.
Its good to see that this is being covered properly.
There must have been some other way that the eggs could have been kept safe and warm enough to develop properly.
If the bubbles aren't properly protected, your meringue will never have much body.
Most people do not do the thought experiment properly, but it requires a lot to imagine.
Auto-Tune, properly torqued up, is the rare edit that calls attention to itself.
Some nineteenth-century vintages still taste delicious, provided they have been properly stored.
If they don't work properly, she will be in real trouble.
There is some dispute over whether they have the equipment they need and whether governors are using them properly.
It was packed, and although it was one of the new double-decker trains, the air-conditioning didn't seem to be working properly.
There is a way to reduce the debt burden, but it has to be done as part of a well thought out and properly executed plan.
All of these options imply an odd kind of commitment to a link that, after all, you haven't even properly viewed yet.
Plenty of the books also are missing pages, or don't download properly.
Some of us would say that properly interpreted, games are part of the process of learning.
Older literature isn't properly appreciated, or is needlessly rehashed in a newer, publishable version.
There are a few politicians who are properly informed on science but they seem to be a rare breed.
In addition, doctors will need guidelines to help them counsel test takers properly.
For the heart to continue functioning properly, the damaged cells must be replaced.
They then asked the original subjects whether the stooge was moving his arm properly or was paralyzed.
The deformities left her unable to speak, smell and taste properly.
Yale argued that the artifacts belonged in a museum where they could be properly maintained and displayed.
These ill-defined inventions fail to properly establish the scope of patent protection.
Natural bacteria from living plants is what keeps us healthy and our immune system working properly.
Also, a properly filled waterbed can be used as a potable water source in case of a major quake.
Okay, so they haven't found any problems with wind turbines if they are spaced properly apart.
To paraphrase him, adventure is what befalls explorers who fail to properly plan.
In order for the body and its organs to function properly, cell growth needs to be strictly regulated.
Swamp coolers got their name because they add humidity and, if not properly maintained, a musty smell to the air.
Ingredients need to stay wet for the plant matter to properly decompose.
Some items are too toxic to be recycled and should be disposed of properly.
High electric losses cripple a utility's ability to properly invest in its system and provide stable service.
It will fire when it detects that there isn't enough light for a properly exposed photo.
Many are the deformed spirits of people who weren't properly cremated, some no larger than your thumb.
Few are properly interactive: customers usually cannot view products from different angles, or try on clothes virtually.
The last is of the drippy scion of the once-formidable founding family, who fails even to announce the paper's closure properly.
Some claimed that sending the money back would squeeze their ability to finance health and education properly.
If they are not properly angled towards the more howling of these gales, they can be damaged or destroyed.
Never properly defined, it meant different things to different people, which of course added to its charm.
Since the defining symptom of all types of diabetes is that the body cannot do this properly by itself, that made intuitive sense.
These resulted in a scandal, and an ongoing investigation, over whether the losses had been properly disclosed.
Private newspapers lacked the money and manpower to investigate properly.
Modern industry produces many things, from coal ash to computers, that are difficult to dispose of properly.
If the programme works properly, doctors can monitor all aspects of care, in contrast to the fragmented fee-for-service system.
But skills gaps-employed workers who lack the wherewithal to do their jobs properly-are prevalent.
Motivating poorly paid enumerators to do their job properly is another problem.
If this mechanism does not function properly, though, severe depression can be the consequence.
With television and print journalists unable to hold those in power properly to account, there is a demand for alternatives.
As with anti malarial bed nets, she argues, charging a little makes people value and use them properly.
The difficulty, as ever, is to make the agency properly serve the public that pays for it.
And crucial to having better teachers is evaluating them properly, hiring, firing and promoting on merit.
It is now only a matter of time until absolutely all books become available, and properly formatted, for mobile phones.
When properly implemented, career academies can produce striking results.
They sound a bit muffled, but they pump out enough volume to annoy the neighbors properly.
To heal properly, the crystals need to form from the bottom of the tooth up to the enamel.
Or rather, their position looks too messy, not quite lining up properly with anything.
Initial installation proved to be a troubling process of trial-and-error steps to get all the features working properly.
In order to enjoy the safety and protection of a ski helmet, a skier must spend a little time properly fitting the helmet.
Sugar builds up in the blood, damaging nerves and blood vessels if insulin is not regulated properly.
Identifying yourself as an employee allows those comments to be evaluated properly.
The germs can be spread during the packaging process if the food products are not handled properly.
She pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to act properly in the case.
Tests may show that blood is backing up into the lungs and the heart is not pumping properly.
Tests will be done to check the retina and pupil response and your ability to see colors properly.
And, once the equipment was operating properly, it was possible to wonder if the dialogue was really worth hearing.
Despite properly lurid morbidity, the sensibility is dry and comic.
Sodium is also needed for nerves and muscles to work properly.
If the cement is flawed, it can crack or fail to set properly, allowing oil and gas to leak through.
Farmer quite properly replied that economics wasn't his field.
The system might more properly be described as reactive, in that it responds to sound waves already headed toward human ears.
Coffee oil will go rancid after several days if the filter isn't used daily or properly cleaned.
If you do, the pressure won't be sufficient for the rest of the process to work properly, leading once again to over-extraction.
Properly handled, community-oriented policing does generate support for the department.
Learning to use a steel properly is far more important than spending the better part of a night laboring over the whetstone.
After a valiant effort, the shark still couldn't orient itself properly.
He was standing beside his bicycle which was properly fitted with real tires.
It gives us a chance to prepare a more elaborate special, one that on a busy night couldn't be executed properly.
She was a guardian of his dignity, making sure he was properly cleaned and dressed.
If something goes wrong, it is because there was a genetic flaw, or because the synapses were not cultivated properly.
Genuine psychological discoveries-the reality of the unconscious, for example-cannot be properly used in such an atmosphere.
Batteries have a high concentration of metals, which if not disposed of properly can seep into the ground when the casing erodes.
It is a story that properly begins with the first signs of imperial overstretch.
The drift of language is not properly concerned with changes of content at all, merely with changes in formal expression.
It was an empty bandage, a bandage properly tied but quite empty.
The whole sky looked gold, and as to the clouds, she could not properly describe their beauty.
Consequently she left him both a town and a country house with sufficient income to keep them up properly.
But, in order to stack cells properly a well developed technology is required.
It seems that the entire interface of future computers must be redesigned to properly use speech recognition.
They haven't given any clues about how soon they will properly launch the service.
Properly designed resources that offer energy when recycled could be bread into a form of intelligent design however.
Educate younger generation properly so that they will think logically and mathematically.
In theory this will keep viruses and other malicious programs from being able to install and run properly.
If properly chosen, it doesn't react chemically with either end.
Chemical enantiomers will not be degenerate in properties if properly examined.
Without logical background this sort of things cannot be understood properly.
But apart from causing these diseases, scientists puzzled for years about the exact function of a properly folded prion protein.
But if this mechanism doesn't function properly, blood deserts our heads and follows gravity into our feet.
There are many reasons memories may not properly form.
The healing power of maggots is not, properly speaking, news.
If the compost pile is properly managed, this is not true.
Done properly, he said, size differences became apparent--and meaningful.
First the researchers had to make their protein fold properly so the antibodies would recognize it.
The digits matched, showing that the communication of the thoughts were indeed properly conveyed.
Gets on stuff and not cleaned properly as in nursing home or at old peoples homes where they used old cleaning products.
No climate model managed to predict this slowing down which proves factors that led to it are not properly understood or modeled.
And if you put a project together properly--regardless of whether it's a superhero movie--it's going to find its audience.
Withdrawing in order to gain time to mobilize, they kept their vehicles properly spaced, lost only a few units in traps.
The ultimate steak has to be cooled gradually and then properly dry-aged.
The first phase involves two critical tasks: getting an organization horizontal and aligning teams properly.
She would have had difficulty quitting when the drugs were properly tapered.
Temporary session cookies are required for this site to function properly.
Properly cleaned and maintained, a bicycle should outlive its owner.
Licensee also allowed an employee to perform the duties of insurance manager without being properly licensed.
My dad used pegboard for his tool organization, but the hooks never seemed to fit the tools properly.
They also question whether village leaders followed the approval process properly.
They claim they were never properly notified about the club.
On those you can't wait because they'll heal crooked or won't heal properly.
The bill says only people who have been properly trained should be involved in using such tactics.
If you season and cook them properly, they're delicious, too.
The trouble is that many people don't know how to caulk a tub properly.
But students with less serious disabilities have more options if they do their research properly.
Know your air carrier's luggage policy and make sure your bags are properly labeled with your contact information.
Keeping your tires inflated properly and your engine running right is critical to efficient motoring.
He is out of prison, properly medicated and gainfully employed.
And students properly guided may fail to absorb what is offered.
If that happens, the transmission may not shift properly.
What would be news is any instance of a legislator using this scholarship properly to benefit a deserving student.

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