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It occupies the uneasy ground between the novella proper and the personal essay or confession.
To fix a broken financial system and to oversee its proper functioning in the future you need experts.
University presidents often complain that academe has lost its sense of proper protocol.
Such findings as these could dramatically reduce the guesswork involved, thereby leading to the proper prescription from day one.
But after the exhibition closed, he repainted the dropped strap, putting it back into its proper place.
Chickens need coops, proper feed, and years of care.
As early adopters, the opportunity to define proper etiquette is ours.
Students don't do proper citations because they've never been taught.
They also complain that the law lacks proper funding.
On these sites tourists are well informed of proper conduct, though educational signage could be improved.
If a given culture is conditioned in a proper way, minimal chance of disease may occur.
As statues of daddy and grandpa were common in the corner of any proper house, many survive today.
One is maturity: things grow under or around immense old trees that give the garden its proper scale.
Proper room lighting is one of those little things that makes your picture look even better.
Some give branches too much leeway, failing to enact the proper controls.
The idea would be to use such experience as a springboard to proper work.
Leaves must be broken down or they will pack together, preventing proper aeration and temperature control.
We don't drift into the appearance of our proper gender so easily.
Instead, turn their well-worn routes into proper pathways.
While there are many kinds of blue triplet lilies, few have proper names.
Thus all of your electronic correspondence must adopt a civil tone, observe proper protocols, and be factually accurate.
The proper names are nearly all ones used as nouns or to define other nouns.
Be careful forming beliefs from things people say without proper evidence.
Because the photos are taken at night, proper exposure relies on flashlight-toting volunteers to provide lighting.
Cover the seeds with the proper amount of prepared mix, taking care not to cover them too deeply.
It's remarkable what a proper setup can do for surround sound.
What makes economics less than a proper science, sceptics often argue, is that you cannot do controlled experiments.
Clutter can hamper the compressor's proper air circulation.
Conjunctions have been accepted as a proper way to begin a sentence for some time now.
For proper disposal techniques, contact your local garbage-collection service or hardware store.
These expansive instrumental epics start out icy, but melt easily enough with proper application of the human ear.
Not surprisingly, he favors the use of computer games and simulations as the proper pedagogical method for digital natives.
It suggests that, with proper management, it ought to be possible to rebuild the world's fisheries.
Proper camera operation cannot be guaranteed when using other cards.
Because even proper use of antibiotics creates an environment in which microbes with resistance genes are favored to survive.
Iodine, a mineral essential for proper thyroid functioning and mental development, may be added too.
It's certainly no replacement for a proper doctor, but as a technological demonstration, it's surprisingly impressive.
Proper cultivation timing, plant spacing and seed selection discourage the prevalence of weeds.
Without a proper power supply your cells have all sorts of problems.
Sure, with the proper social filters, location awareness needn't be invasive or creepy.
He is also enthusiastic about the use of proper pricing and water markets to improve water allocation.
There are two proper approaches to consulting tech support.
We've vetted, tested, and rated a shoe for every type-and thrown in our top apparel picks to prep you for a proper send-off.
Adaptation on the other hand involves the building of proper infrastructure to prepare for long term variability in the climate.
The proper functioning of organisms depends on a complex game of hide-and-seek conducted inside the cell.
Also, the impact needs to be put into the proper context.
The only way to over come the current problems is proper resource management.
Proper care of livestock means fatter animals for market and more income for their owners.
There, the raw yarn will be twisted and processed additionally to give it strength and the proper texture.
These strays that fail to establish a proper connection will die.
Lift each key pin to its proper height, and the lock will fall open for you.
But many organizations have run into difficulties getting proper legal registration, the report noted.
Attaching sugars is required to ensure that the protein folds into the proper shape and that it is thermodynamically stable.
For proper cooking techniques follow the recommendations of the experts.
It is crucial to have the proper orientation of the seams on the ball as the ball travels through the air.
The proper guardians of the public interest are governments, which are accountable to all citizens.
He found the muscular football players appalling and despaired of finding a barber who could give a proper haircut.
These herbs are food-stuff, and with the proper foods, you can prevent a lot of pain and illnesses.
Renewable natural resources are those that, with proper care can be maintained or even increase.
Some interviewers simply do not know how to conduct a proper interview.
Open it up, and flip the touch-screen around in its frame, and you have a proper notebook.
Proper storage of leftovers keeps them safe to eat for longer.
If a site displays a certificate issued by a proper authority, the browser will load the page with no objection.
Our malleable minds take well to proper mental care and feeding.
Certainly, proper historic interpretation requires a multi-disciplinary approach.
Please use proper capitalization and punctuation in this academic forum.
Bones with fractures that run in a straight line can often be placed back in their proper alignment and set in a cast to heal.
Bacteria and other organisms break down food scraps buried in a bin maintained at proper temperature and moisture levels.
Of those who remain, only two in three have a proper job.
However, the lexicon of empirical experiments should include proper taxonomy.
Once the newspaper obtains proper approval for its printing costs, the paper can resume printed publication, he said.
Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness.
The user must then provide proper authentication keys to decrypt the data.
Our dream of a proper camera with a cell radio stuffed inside will have to wait for another time.
The measure would allow people to carry concealed weapons on campus, as long as they have the proper licence.
Once a camel is given proper food and rest, the hump generally returns to its original size within a few days.
The mountain, swathed in mist on that winter morning, had the proper look of a place of spirits.
Proper application according to the label is essential for safe and effective protection.
And it means holding yourself to the highest possible standards of character and behavior proper to your field.
Inside, the simulator is the proper shape and size for a tank's crew chamber.
Governments should not use this scandal to clamp down on the proper role of the press.
Instead of being healed, patients are made cash-cows of a profession that is not a science in the proper sense.
It's common knowledge that a proper exercise regimen can do wonders for the body.
As the movie implies, the lack of results could be blamed on the lack of a proper experimental design in the first place.
So many limitations here, it's all about the proper preparation.
But without humility, patience and the proper foundation, a novice can seriously injure himself.
But major libraries and archives often have so many rare items that they haven't been able to make a proper record of each one.
It all starts with the proper foundation in the early years.
With proper heat shield replacements, the craft will be able to be reused up to ten times.
All she needed was an aeronautics expert with the proper credentials to field-test her theory.
We tried needles on our own bodies to find the proper acupuncture points.
Proper disposal of old appliances is an important part of the process of energy-efficient upgrades.
Showcasing safety tips and proper equipment, these books are informative and action-packed.
Graphite is a great moderator, slowing down the neutrons and keeping their reaction in the proper temperature range.
It teaches time-management skills and proper study habits.
The obvious distinction is that all of that was done openly and in a proper spirit of collaboration.
Some felt the problems could be resolved through the proper exercise of willpower.
While some of the details might not be spelled out, she told them, the university had followed proper procedures.
The proper way with tea, of course, is to infuse the leaves in boiling water until it reaches the desired strength.
Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that in trace amounts is required for the proper functioning of living cells.
To date, quantum dots have been an exciting discovery in search of the proper application.
Kelvin is a proper noun and refers to the measurement system.
Once the doctor has made the medical diagnoses finding the right treatment with proper care.
With proper conditioning a subject could be turned into an enthusiastic soldier or a loyal customer.
The mesenteries are: the mesentery proper, the transverse mesocolon, and the sigmoid mesocolon.
Then a statement somewhat in detail of a course to be pursued seemed fitting and proper.
The smartest hat for town wear is an opera, but a straw or felt which is proper in the country, is not out of place in town.
Here they meet and become joined to one another by connective tissue, but there is never any fusion of the thymus tissue proper.
Below the transverse colon it may be considered in the two regions, viz, in the pelvis and in the abdomen proper.
His whole career was a proper training for the work of his mature years.
He has all the proper sentiments, and his rhetoric and rimes are easy work for him.
Hints of the proper craft, tricks of the tool's true play.
Who knows, they might even turn water into a proper commodity with a proper price.
What is needed, though, is a proper dictionary-an explanation of what the proteins mean as well as what they are.
At the game's end, the points are converted into real money, to ensure that proper incentives are in place.
She now enters the campaign proper with powerful momentum.
It would be much better if they tried instead to provide the entrepreneurs with a proper legal framework.
As well as being right and proper, such reform makes political sense too.
So proper feeding is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty.
But it has dodged proper talks with the six for two years now.
It essentially provides the spongy weightless feeling of a hammock with the back and leg support of a proper chair.
It seems instead that this will be a proper camera with a cellphone built-in, rather than the other way around.
Please use this extra address line to provide any additional address information necessary to ensure proper delivery.
Proper planning and research must be part of any business plan.
Firm and soft at once, for a good first impression and proper support on a long day.
With proper pruning when dormant, the odds of survival are good.
They want to get married in a proper way-with the support and approval of friends and neighbors.
But it puts the problem of war and peace in the proper arena, and allows the potential problem-solvers in.
Sports writers proper see the indifference and egotism of all involved and are made cynical by it.
Each designed protein was ranked according to its ability to bind the reacting chemicals and hold them in the proper position.
The are probably using thyristors to commutate the currents to the proper coils at the opportune times.
In the end the public will suffer from yet another invention that was rushed to market without proper planning.
The entire thing can be automated so that new components can be inserted at their proper location within the tree.
They only used a small part of it for the commercial, but it was a proper song.
DreamWorks has not been given the proper respect, or credit.
It had been thrust into a precarious outpost without proper supervision, defensive precautions, or logistical support.
Without the proper oversight there could be a lot of drift based on their emotionality, their maturity.
Surely everyone understands that there are no simple formulas that determine proper behavior in all conceivable situations.
Many common phrases and proper names were encoded by only two optical symbols, with a substantial gain in speed of transmission.
More research has gone into the proper way to brush your teeth.
But with proper treatment, patients can enjoy long periods of stable behavior.
They ran and tackled each other along the edge of a pavement, in view of an unoccupied public field equipped with proper goals.
The proper management of blood-sugar levels, say experts, can keep many diabetes-related complications at bay.
But even without such an explanation, the findings highlight the importance of proper screening.
We question what kind of glue was used and if proper techniques were followed.
Stability and traction control ensure proper manners under all conditions.
The first lesson of proper nutrition is learning how to eat.
Refer to your owner's manual or the label inside the driver's door for proper tire inflation levels.
Normally, this allows wide-angle aerial views to be captured in proper perspective.
To put us all in the proper year's end party mood, here is some music.
Researchers have also struggled with questions regarding the proper frequency and kind of electrical current to use.
Free refers to the fact that these compounds are misfits, with no proper place in cellular society.
It fooled a bunch of scientists, though, because proper controls were not used.
But, again, a brute fact does not dictate the proper human response to it.
Most of these deaths could be prevented with proper sanitation, combined with safe drinking water and better hygiene.
She claims that proper usage calls for a period to come outside the quotation marks at the end of a sentence.
Something deeper is happening: it's the rise of a shadow job market without benefits or proper accounting.
There can be no deep thought without the proper use of words, as our current president never fails to demonstrate.

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