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The grill is fueled by propane, so there is no need to run a gas line.
Powered by propane or a mixture of propane and butane, these devices are not meant to burn weeds.
The night before someone came by with a propane grill and cooked brisket for everyone.
Other options include stoves that run on propane gas or pellets, or reflect solar radiation onto a cooking vessel.
Had the propane bombs in the cafeteria and their vehicles worked, hundreds would have been killed.
So an explosion of one pound of hydrogen will produce less of a bang than one pound of gasoline, propane, or natural gas.
It was a sizable propane tank stuffed with high explosives.
When family-kitchen propane tanks run out, there will be no cooking.
The solvent breaks down the bitumen, allowing it to be pumped out along with the propane, which can be reused.
The essence of the system is the circulation of a fluid such as ammonia or propane.
Natural gas is primarily composed of methane, but contains ethane, propane and butane as well.
Propane provides higher vapor pressure to the fuel for better performance in cold weather.
These include electricity, methanol, natural gas and propane.
Outfitted with propane stoves and some basic but comfortable bunks, the hut is a godsend after a big day.
Meanwhile, the dig team cooked couscous and freeze-dried vegetables on a propane stove, eating by the light of their headlamps.
Integral to the park's design is a new shuttle bus system that runs on clean-burning propane.
It can even by heated with a propane torch and inhaled.
Water contamination is much less probable with propane.
Heat the flask's bottom with a propane torch until the water boils gently.
In areas where citizens use oil or propane for heat during the winter, it could help reduce the amount of fossil fuel used.
Multi-sized canister adapters means you can hook up a small propane tank for extra mobility.
Their hot water, dryer, and stove use liquid propane.
Pressing a key moves a solenoid disc, adding oxygen to the propane gas.
Anglers bore through the ice, set up their fishing poles, and huddle around propane heaters and beer and tell tall tales.
Propane tanks are placed here and there amid the musky scent of unpaved streets and alleys.
The whole thing runs on a propane canister, and packs up into a fairly small bag for transport.
We have a propane-fired generator for backup, if needed.
He ran them on propane because his home is not wired for electricity.
Services include restrooms with flush toilets and showers, an on-site coin-operated laundry room and propane gas sales.
They can also handle all your needs regarding propane whether you need a refill or a complete replacement.
Propane is available seven days a week, and a recreation and meeting room are available to rent.
Everything is available for supplies, including a convenience store with a restaurant, a gas station and propane.
Full hookup with medical, propane and laundry services are available to all park tenants.
Showers, restrooms and laundry facilities are all provided along with a propane-filling station.
Restrooms and showers are on the grounds, while propane gas and firewood are for sale.
We had a ventless propane fireplace put in two to three years ago.
Do not use portable propane space heaters indoors or in any confined space unless they are specifically designed for indoor use.
Propane prices that dealers charge their customers are also influenced by supply and demand.
Safe handling and disposal of spent propane tanks.
Propane in its natural state is a colorless, odorless gas.
If you cook using a gas grill fueled by propane, you may have noticed a change in how the valve on the propane tank looks.
From a neighbor's home or other nearby building away from the gas leak, call your propane retailer right away.
Propane tanks can be extremely hazardous and volatile.
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