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What brings on this sudden propagation of algae is not completely known, although water temperatures play a role in many cases.
For its part, there isn't much in gene propagation to make the heart sing.
Combustion and propagation processes are then simulated in order to predict the spread of the fire.
Malicious software comes in several flavors, distinguished primarily by their method of propagation.
Their number has steadily increased through propagation and spur-of-the-moment purchases at florists and local nurseries.
Often they will encrypt and decrypt themselves and mutate during propagation.
Produces numerous offsets, which may be detached for use in propagation.
The recommended repair for many non-threatening cracks is to drill a hole at the propagation site.
Superluminal propagation is seen, effectively, in photon tunneling.
Propagation is the subject that won him two big book awards so this evening should be inspirational.
It is time to get caught up in the frenzy of propagation.
Try summing up the total cost of malnutrition caused by mindless propagation of the burning of food.
If they bounced off an atmospheric layer, that also would affect the propagation speed.
Place pots in a homemade propagation tent made of plastic bags.
And thank you sir for discouraging and impeding the propagation of thoughts.
So some biologists worry that the birds may gradually retreat from those areas, hindering propagation of the species.
He cultivated rare plants and experimented with plant propagation.
Propagation must be carried out by hand, which is an extremely delicate task.
Now humans are to be considered as vehicles for the propagation of memes, too.
It is not for the propagation of his own opinions, but of any opinions.
The real problem is that the check-engine light is a tool for the propagation of consumer ignorance about their cars.
There is no problem with that kind of propagation as long as you have a consistent time evolution.
The speed of the propagation of gravity proves that every proton in any galaxy is connected to every other.
Those that value survival and propagation will survive and propagate, evolving in order to do so.
It has nothing to do with propagation either for the reason that there is no field.
Thus, the viruses' effect on human behaviour is clearly advantageous to their spread and propagation.

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