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Increased human populations have increased the chances of a virus successfully propagating among humans once it has made the jump.
Amazingly, something woke up and began propagating in the petri dish.
Meanwhile, he was obliged to earn a living besides propagating his opinions.
Speculation abounds on the newlyweds' plans for decorating and propagating.
Many viruses travel inside e-mail messages, but require the user to double-click them in order to start propagating.
Even worse, their money often goes toward insinuating and propagating distortions of the truth and/or blatant lies.
The waves are attenuating, or propagating, toward the surface.
From generation to generation they mutate into forms that trick their host systems into propagating them.
These are all fringe sites trying to make a buck by propagating false information.
The intensity pattern more or less matched that predicted by a computer simulation of the propagating twisted beam.
The narrative becomes internalized and self propagating.
Electromagnetic energy could finally be accepted as capable of propagating itself in a vacuum.
It's coincident with inflating probabilities entangling with boundlessly propagating perception.
The rubber sheet model of gravity and curved space translates directly to the propagating torus with angular acceleration.
That's true if you look at the propagating component of light waves.
Instead of propagating misinformation among non-experts, criticize and scrutinize the information in an academic manner.
But chaos could amplify and feed back, propagating until it destroyed any system it was in.
But perhaps such a calling has less to do with making money than, say, propagating the species.
Direct numerical simulations are performed of flames that develop into steadily and stably propagating cells.

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