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The ground is also drier and thus may propagate waves more efficiently.
Second, it is necessary to develop and propagate an ideology that opposes technology and the industrial system.
We need to propagate success, and not disregard new tools because they sometimes fail to live up to our idealistic expectations.
That's because code is so fragile, and simple changes can propagate in complex and unpredictable ways.
In this state, the leader needs a tool to propagate why he should be in charge of the country.
The world is a frightening enough place without folks who deceptively propagate false horror stories for their own aggrandizement.
Successful viruses keep their hosts alive and well in order to propagate more successfully.
They operate in the same way to confirm and propagate a bad way of thinking as a good way of thinking.
But light also records smaller sub-wavelength details in its evanescent components, which do not propagate.
Importantly, the energy that's accessed by the device is nonradiative--that is, it doesn't propagate over great distances.
Waves have no fixed position because they propagate.
Problems could not propagate, pieces fit together, individuals were responsible for local solutions.
Those that value survival and propagation will survive and propagate, evolving in order to do so.
Density and temperature are primary controls on how far seismic waves can propagate through rock before dissipating.
However this may be, the exhibition-even in its present, shadowy state-continues to propagate its larger vision.
One way to do that is to propagate plants for free instead of buying them.
Look at the history before you propagate an illusion.
It is important to propagate renewable energy, but the technology is not yet there.
The image attached goes further than the words to propagate the stereotype, in my opinion.
Life competes fiercely for the limited resources that allow it to metabolise, and so propagate itself.
Nerves propagate information electrically-hence the use of electrodes for deep-brain stimulation.
In short, it has never been easier to propagate hatred and lies.
Propagate woody shrubs, particularly azaleas and hollies.
From the strong principle of inheritance, any selected variety will tend to propagate its new and modified form.
At any rate, neutrinos do not propagate identically to photons, especially through matter.
As long as the viral meme can propagate faster than the host humans die, it is successful.
The vectored net velocity of the light wave is redirected within the gravitational field to propagate in a curved path.
The museums are being used to propagate one side in a nation of two sides.
The vibrational phonon waves should propagate through the breadth of the diamond wafer.
Too much negativity out there and too many places to propagate it.
Attempting to enforce altruism will be ineffective because it doesn't propagate your genes transparently.
The resulting magnetic field lines propagate at light speed.
Hold people that propagate lies legally responsible for the consequences of those lies.
Natural diseases evolve to propagate themselves, not to destroy life.
However, as with any thing worth doing- any idea noble enough to propagate, those who adhere to it must persist in its evangelism.
The speed at which the waves propagate through the star depends on the structure of its interior.
They found that they could propagate their leavening by saving a bit of unused dough to sow the seeds of foment in the next batch.
These initial moves in design space have to propagate into significant populations.
First, one or more of the particles you see in the known universe may not be able to propagate into higher dimensions.
As a result, much of the history of leprosy research has been devoted to finding suitable hosts to propagate the bacterium.
He's hoping to learn more about how ice fractures form and propagate before breaking off into bergs.
In that new environment, a microbe must evolve new ways to live and propagate itself.
These simplest wave forms hold their shape as they propagate.
All plant and animal life exists to propagate the species.
And they tend to propagate these characteristics into the next generations of scientists that they train.
It is true that events within the event horizon cannot propagate out to us.
Shock waves normally propagate at the speed of sound in the affected medium.
First lesson on first year lab courses teach undergrads how to estimate and propagate errors.
Another reason for doubting that any collapse actually takes place is that the collapse would have to propagate instantaneously.
The nonsense that these religious people propagate is unbelievable.
Spin processes can propagate through the superfluid physical vacuum provided the vacuum is in a perturbed state.
From time to time, you debunk the nonsense, and you challenge the posts and comments of those who propagate it.
Several pomological and ornamental crops are notoriously difficult to propagate.
Rotational seismic waves propagate faster in solid rocks and much slower in fractured media along tectonic faults.

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