propagandize in a sentence

Example sentences for propagandize

Over and over our so called leader live in either denial or want to propagandize its citizens.
The author is not propagandize science, he is playing politics.
So its not surprising that they should cheat, propagandize and outright lie to accomplish their goals.
The acolytes of the market will propagandize it as the best of progress.
To propagandize lies and distortions successfully to a citizenry does not validate the lies and distortions.
They have entered the building to propagandize, confront, or agitate the building's occupants.
For example, a survey about how to communicate better could be seen as how to propagandize.
The media in particular, especially in the early stages, propagandize in favor of war.
The emphasis in that case was not to propagandize, but to really project an accurate picture.
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