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They would be the ones to invest the big money into a propaganda campaign to convince less educated people that it was a hoax.
And left wing propaganda poses little threat to students who never actually read it.
It has become a major, defining moment, for those who pursue the political and social propaganda.
Possibly more interesting as propaganda than playwriting.
The right-wing propaganda machine that has snowed you under, that's where.
It's claimed experimental verification is nothing but propaganda.
Among these reasons one of the first places belongs to false ideas and theories propaganda.
Then there's photo manipulation, once a rarefied propaganda technique.
Think of the propaganda on all sides that bias the eye witnesses.
We who are old-fashioned enough to call a crime a crime are labeled as warmongers or hypocrites or dupes of propaganda.
But there is no clear sign so far that these widely publicized policies differ from previous propaganda.
There's also plenty of propaganda coming from the other side.
His article reeks of vested interests and propaganda.
There is nothing you can say or do to change the minds of people who have bought into this propaganda.
Propaganda has no place in something this important.
The author's remaining four points address propaganda and money, both which fuel the machinery of politics, not science.
Well, some people have been spreading misinformation and political propaganda but it isn't the climatologists.
People are now more willing to challenge government propaganda.
More preparatory propaganda to get you ready to accept the food police telling you what you can and cannot eat.
SA has been nothing but an environmentalist propaganda rag for years.
There is zero science in this study it is political propaganda in the guise of science.
Those who dish out propaganda deserve to dine on mockery.
If you approach life only as an opportunity to make money, the truth is inconvenient, making science into a tool of propaganda.
Their propaganda is based on no research, in fact, ignores research to the contrary.
The media is too sly and the propaganda is too thick for the general populous to decipher the truth.
They put out propaganda about the things they are doing, but their emissions are rising greatly.
Sometimes it's called propaganda and advertising and sometimes hypocrisy, lying and deception.
Let's not give the fossil fuel industry a new propaganda tool.
As long as corporations and politicians spew the propaganda and lies, it's no telling what people will believe.
Big business has become so powerful that its propaganda has framed a debate where the interests of society can't be served.
Consider for instance that while many will agree with a war in response to propaganda, many will not.
It is time to quit calling each other names, quit with uncertain propaganda, and to start with the language of science.
Even absolute autocrats attempt to justify their tyranny through propaganda and otherwise.
The gas industry has condemned the film as environmental propaganda and wildly exaggerated.
Only they haven't got a propaganda machine that legal dope has.
Nobody here is interested in your politics and right wing propaganda.
It's amazing to watch how effective propaganda can be on people.
And that consensus is achieved solely by propaganda.
The government produced video is so un-informing and propaganda.
Either that, or he's being paid to spread propaganda.
All this did not stop both sides from conducting hostile propaganda and occasional acts of sabotage against each other.
It is easily bullied into acquiescing in the designs of a presidential propaganda machine determined to dominate the news.
The war has now started and he is broadcasting propaganda for the foe.
In fact, we're talking about the propaganda machine.
Discuss the meaning of propaganda with the students.
Ask them if the poster could be considered propaganda.
Help the students to identify current forms of propaganda in their everyday lives.
As a final step you will make a judgment as to whether you find your cartoon to be propaganda or not.
The regime has set about muzzling the media and issuing its own counter-propaganda.
Only television channels that air state propaganda are allowed in barracks.
They will show up everywhere with their lies and propaganda.
Heroes once vilified by official propaganda are celebrated.
Propaganda apparatchiks clearly wanted it eradicated.

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