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It encourages the inclusion of different ways to think about a word and pronunciation guides.
Voice-recognition features compare their pronunciation to that of native speakers.
Its pronunciation depends upon the preceding and following sounds.
Here only one single letter is changed, the modification of which could hardly be noticed in careless pronunciation.
Unlike his predecessors, he often provides the date a word or a sense or even a pronunciation entered the language.
Pronunciation is the stamina of language,-it is language.
State officials found teachers with unacceptable pronunciation and grammar in nine districts.
After all, subtle differences in pronunciation help distinguish people.
Audiences found her mimicry of my pronunciation of l and r as w hysterically funny.
He uses the former pronunciation, but the word is meant to carry the latter meaning.
Besides, a new character with a common pronunciation is more likely to be accepted than a new sound that is not common.
The lesser language is forced to simplify and adapt to the spelling or pronunciation of the stronger language.
Seeing a foreign word spelled out in familiar letters introduces a surprisingly high barrier to achieving correct pronunciation.
But the verbs tend to be irregular, the grammar bizarre and the match between spelling and pronunciation a nightmare.
Additional resources for teachers include pronunciation videos with handouts and web resource links.

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As no one can tell what was the Roman pronunciation, each nation makes the Latin conform, for the most part... more
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