pronged in a sentence

Example sentences for pronged

He essentially sketches a two-pronged approach to progress in social disputes.
It is going to take more than a one-pronged strategy.
Bottom line, no matter where you live, two pronged approach.
The criticisms of a scientific program as applied to humanity are deep, and two pronged.
Incised in the metal is a two-pronged emblem topped by a cross.
If you use a choke or a pronged collar, you can use that as a tool.
The two-pronged strategy, a sustainable troop commitment mixed with urgency, remains operative.
Switches, interlocks and a three-pronged design with a side-exiting cable mean you need some strong fingers to unplug a plug.
To avoid his joining their ranks, he adopts a cautious three-pronged strategy.
The industry has run a high-profile, two-pronged campaign to persuade users and their parents of the wrongs of file-sharing.
For all that, it may have a role in a multi-pronged policy.
The above two are an example of what ios called a two-pronged approach to a solution.
Using a two-pronged fork, stir in the remaining butter.
Three of the giant four-pronged spaceships were built to leapfrog along the band's itinerary.
The risk of losing a stone in a pronged setting depends on the way it's constructed.
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