prong in a sentence

Example sentences for prong

Three-prong grounded extensions cords must be used with tools and appliances that have three prongs.
If you are considering a multi-prong travel adapter, be sure to check the countries that are covered.
Three-prong extension cords are the only ones to use.
The third prong provides a path to ground along which the electric current travels.
Describes a two-prong inservice program to be led by counselors.
The device has a three-prong plug built into the back and a three-prong receptacle on one side.
The commercial interest prong asks whether the request is primarily in the commercial interest of the requester.
The seat is attached to a five-prong metal pedestal base by a one-inch wide steel rod.
There are two wheel casters on each prong of the pedestal base.

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He said he couldn't make the boy believe He could find water with a hazel prong— Which showed how much go... more
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