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Example sentences for promptly

Bring the meat home immediately after purchase and refrigerate it promptly.
Applicants promptly and eagerly forward their materials.
The skirmish promptly threatened to become a full-scale trade war.
One of the four fuel gauges promptly failed and two others were not working consistently.
Then you venture into the water up to your ankles, and your feet promptly go numb.
Then it promptly nose-dived, never to see that level again.
Despite all that establishment grease, no-fault divorce promptly went nowhere.
To ensure full consideration, submit all materials promptly.
After the initial experiment, the ants were promptly returned to their nest.
Visible light promptly restores the original condition.
Late charges are generally legal, as long as companies credit payments promptly and make deadlines clear.
After which he promptly wrote the student loan people a big check and now they're not hounding him anymore.
We finally scooped her up in a queen-catcher and coaxed her into the observation hive, where she promptly hid from sight.
Ideally, such a system would send this information directly to police, so they might respond promptly to the emergency.
The panel promptly recommended renewed recognition for.
The new bank promptly said it was interested in further expansion.
For instance, return their phone calls, and as promptly as you can.
For some reason this was news to investors, who promptly sold bank shares to their lowest level in a year.
He promptly received a letter pointing out that the idea would not work if a floor possessed sheer cliffs, such as between tiles.
He promptly disposed of the heating pad and bought the couple a new one.
When such carriers are necessary, remove them promptly after use.
The owner promptly sues the church, claiming that they are responsible for his loss of property.
Show them the respect of moving promptly to a decision.
So they keep the wound clean, then are promptly cleared by the immune system.
Most of my e-mail invitations were not only promptly answered, but accepted-much to my joy and relief.
He declined to take questions and promptly departed.
They are easy to contact if you have a problem and are more than willing to help you promptly solve it.
He promptly resigned his political posts and went into business.
The order was easy to place and the jacket was delivered promptly.
On the first two occasions, the executive promptly introduced measures to overcome the judicial blockage.
Ordering was simple and they were delivered promptly.
If anything goes wrong with the tent my experience has shown that they will promptly handle it properly with no problems.
Customers were so enthusiastic that the system promptly crashed.
The package arrived promptly and in excellent condition.
Both promptly claimed that it backed their versions of events.
Also according to this section, the motion shall be determined promptly.
Most government leaders promptly rejected the idea out of hand.
True, the tonnage of pig iron produced here is the largest in the world, but it is promptly turned into steel by the makers.
They should spread their bets widely, monitor progress closely, and cut losses promptly.
They calmed their fears by promptly sending a video to everyone they know.
The host was promptly replaced by a psychology professor, but it was too late.
He promptly took a gigantic gamble: in effect, he bet the company on becoming a mobile-phone pure-play.
The chain reaction then promptly produces a big thermonuclear reaction.
According to several faculty eyewitnesses, the dismissed employees were promptly escorted out of their building.
In any case, he promptly set out to make a name for himself.
Contact candidates promptly after a phone, conference interview, or campus visit if the news is less than favorable.
If the search is extended or terminated, finalists should be told promptly, and told why such an action was necessary.
Money borrowed without security is a debt of honor which must be paid without fail and promptly as possible.
He is promptly silenced on the ground that his inquiries are beside the point.
The camp was strictly policed, and drill promptly begun.
She became dreadfully excited and promptly sent for her husband in order to heap the bitterest reproaches upon him.
Accordingly, to the chagrin of the extremists, they promptly disowned and repudiated the action of the vigilance committee.
Every one goes down to dinner as promptly as possible and the procedure is exactly that of all dinners.
We promptly sent thither a small army of pacification.
The public, if it knew of what he had done, promptly forgot it.
On one moonlight night three wolves came round the stable, and the terrier sallied out promptly.
The good lord tells them everything they need to know which they promptly ignore when it is inconvenient.
Always refrigerate leftovers promptly, uncovered to aid rapid cooling.
While my brother often took the opportunity to fall promptly asleep on his corner of the couch, the rest of us listened intently.
The agency has not yet stated a timeline but is working to address the issues promptly and conclusively, she adds.
The military gets their hands on it and promptly uses it to destroy all living things on the planet.
Watch out for leaks and drips and fix them promptly.
Gathering his robes, he knelt across from us and produced a matchstick, which he promptly snapped into three pieces.
She caught sight of the mad dog, which by that time was on the steps, and promptly fainted.
Ministers seldom resign promptly, even after scandals unrelated to the bedroom.
When he surfaced to deny the charges, he was promptly arrested.
The government promptly changed it back-but only for them.
The few bulldozers that arrived promptly to sift through the rubble stopped working at nightfall.
But when the meltdown began their prices promptly plummeted.
Require airlines to refund baggage fees if bags are lost and promptly refund fares and other fees when they are due.
We answer feedback promptly and follow through on concerns as quickly as possible.
His management team promptly dumped him, and the star's career has been stalled ever since.
Start your day with a hearty continental breakfast that the staff serves promptly at daybreak.
Virtually everyone who was exposed would need to be promptly vaccinated or quarantined.
If one party tries to do things all their own way, well, the other party will promptly be elected to undo some of those changes.
Occupiers disagreed, and some defiantly put up tents, which were promptly removed.
As with the pan method, keep a close eye on color, be sure to remove the skins and cool promptly.
Then they'd roll on to corners and promptly clutch their nuts.
Strong and judicious measures, promptly put into action, might even now have allayed the excitement and dissipated the danger.
She and eight others were promptly arrested and refused bail.
It promptly was applied to the tunnels and culverts of railroad lines.
Song told them they would be sacked if the offending factories were not shut promptly.
The mind acts more promptly and more continuously under its use.
The adrenal system promptly floods the body with adrenaline and stress hormones.
These particles promptly smashed into and annihilated one another, leaving behind a small residue of matter and a lot of energy.
But as is so often the case when unraveling the mysteries of climate, a solution to one puzzle promptly creates a new one.
People who were promptly issued with iodine tablets ought to be safe, however.
The memo was promptly leaked to the media, igniting a firestorm of debate over whether the ubiquitous devices are dangerous.
Despite the injuries he had already suffered, upon capture he was promptly bayoneted in the ankle and then beaten senseless.
Fractional-ownership pitchmen promptly entered the arena of super-yachting.
In one outcome, the customer returns the money promptly, without pause.
McDowell raised his arms aloft, and promptly disappeared in a heaving sea of people.
If they do not receive this completed form promptly, it may result in a delay of your claim.
Skaters musts leave the ice promptly when requested.
Start now to put water on properly and to turn it off promptly.
Shell eggs are safest when stored in the refrigerator, individually and thoroughly cooked, and promptly consumed after cooking.
Write procedures to promptly notify staff of special sales and price changes.

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