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Prompt them to identify the different parts of their submarines and the purposes they serve.
Prompt students to describe the backpack and the contents inside.
The instantly, universally recognizable border seemed the best prompt to get the wildlife to strike a pose.
It would prompt the first of a thousand stops along this eye-candy route of indented coves and stony outcrops.
They seem to take your prompt to follow-up with tardy outside readers.
We almost always end each post with a specific question or prompt.
We welcome comments that respond to that question or prompt.
We now lack any mandated way to prompt that useful sorting.
Without this prompt of openness and willingness to receive from you, there is no indication that the need is really there.
Disabling cookies may result in a log-in prompt every time you refresh your browser.
Immediately thereafter, she developed an anaphylactic reaction, but survived with prompt treatment.
The experimenters don't ever have to prompt or even meet their volunteers.
Photons of light prompt the rods and cones to release bursts of electrochemical charges.
It's possible that changes to this gene may have helped prompt the transformation of simple apelike grunts into language.
She is especially interested in the cultural conditions that prompt infectious diseases to emerge, return or get worse.
Desires that caused conflict were more likely to prompt an attempt at active self-constraint.
Videos on a laptop prompt her to make particular signs.
These cries for help soon prompt other ants to rush in and begin digging until they've reached their trapped sisters.
Where elections take place, they likely will prompt confusion, as groups with uncertain political experience compete.
Ideally this ultimatum alone would suffice to prompt the government to release its prisoners.
Prompt treatment of bacterial infections is helpful.
Or, it may simply have to do with the same kind of impossible challenge that might prompt a lyric poet to try his hand at haiku.
Prompt treatment of increased intracranial pressure and related disorders may reduce the risk of brain herniation.
The questions that prompt all this destruction are important.
Moreover, weak overseas demand will continue to prompt companies in the export sector to reduce investment.
But they made the labels look irrelevant and will no doubt prompt other artists to think about leaving them too.
Second, dearer oil could fuel inflation-and that might prompt a monetary clampdown that throttles the recovery.
Instead, he identifies four biases that prompt voters systematically to demand policies that make them worse off.
The consequences stretch from one end of the food chain to the other, as higher food prices prompt a response.
Many worry that the vacuum could prompt unrest after four years of relative calm.
Exchange-rate movements could also prompt protectionist responses.
Yet strategic imperatives may prompt some countries to overlook such concerns.
Higher cereals prices prompt herdsmen to sell more of their livestock.
As for moral hazard, the expectation of future bail-outs may prompt managers and unions in other industries to behave rashly.
On their own, none of these changes seems big enough to prompt a revolution.
But there are no price signals to prompt that rebound.
It can prompt customers to try new brands, and to stay loyal to them, he says.
Some brokerages may not be prompt crediting dividends to your account after they receive them.
Sure, this could prompt change, but we're not banking on it.
Servers are prompt, friendly and knowledgeable, though the little paper two-sided menu is pretty self-explanatory.
Most people can attest that the mere expectation of relief can somehow prompt the body to respond.
The anti-satellite missile test may prompt renewed diplomatic discussion.
Travel agents will be automatically given the prompt to ask for the donation as they process an order.
Whether the show helps prompt healthier behaviors in viewers may depend on which segment they watch.

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